10 Best Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts to Sell

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Sell personalized Thanksgiving gifts on your store

Are you looking for the best-personalized print-on-demand products to add to your online store, including personalized Thanksgiving gifts? Then our brand new list of personalizable PoD products is just what you need. Now that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, you need to be prepared.

Remember, more than 38% of American consumers start their holiday shopping before October ends. 2020 was an exciting year for print-on-demand online businesses worldwide.

If you love stats, you’ll be happy to hear that in 2020, we saw a 44.5% increase in online purchases, especially during the holiday season.

That’s why we have put together a top pick of the 10 best personalizable products that people love to buy for Thanksgiving. Adding these products to your online store is a brilliant tactic that will increase your conversion rates during the holidays.

10 Customizable Thanksgiving Gifts to Sell with Print on Demand

The holiday shopping season is upon us! People are starting to buy gifts for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is the right time to expand your online store and offer more personalized products.

From Christmas personalized gifts to apparel and wall art, our selection has it all. Let us dive in.

1. Personalized Christmas Gifts

Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts: Tote Bags

Thanksgiving is the start of the Christmas shopping season. Likewise, during this period, Christmas gifts are very popular among online shoppers. Therefore, you should definitely include some personalizable Christmas gifts in your print-on-demand store.

In our product catalog, you will find a variety of personalized Christmas gifts to choose from. Christmas stockings, tree skirts, and ornaments are very popular personalized products and are among our top sellers.

2. Customizable T-Shirts / Long Sleeve Tees

Giving your website visitors the ability to customize a t-shirt or long sleeve t-shirt is a brilliant thing to do. We have numerous designs for t-shirts and long sleeve shirts to suit all your needs.

Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts: T-shirts

It does not matter if you want to add your catchy designs or give your customers design freedom. Our catalog gives you the option to choose from more than 20 t-shirt and long sleeve tee designs.

3. Hoodies / Crewnecks

Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts: Hoodies & Crewnecks

When it comes to holiday shopping, hoodies and crewnecks have always been extremely popular. That’s why they also make perfect personalized Thanksgiving gifts. Our catalog contains many hoodies and crewneck designs for men, women, and children.

Since Christmas hoodies and crewnecks are usually colorful we recommend our Gildan Crewneck (18000) and Hoodie (18500). Both designs are fully customizable and come in more than ten colors. For women, we definitely recommend the Lane Seven Heavyweight Hoodie (LS19001).

4. Knit Beanies

Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts: Beanies

Knit hats are among the cutest Thanksgiving gifts you can give your loved ones. A gift like this is cute enough on its own. But, adding a personalized design to the front of a hat makes it the perfect Thanksgiving gift.

Our catalog includes two beanie designs: a playful knit beanie with a pom-pom and a solid color knit beanie. We encourage you to include both designs in your print-on-demand store and let your customers decide on the color and style of the design.

5. Customizable Baby Rib Bodysuit / Layette

Do you own an online store for children’s and baby clothes? Then you should know that personalized children’s clothing is very popular as a Thanksgiving gift.

Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts: Baby Bodysuits

In our current product catalog, you will find a high-quality baby rib bodysuit and a beautiful layette. Both products are fully customizable and available in 8 colors. If you do not already have such personalizable products in your store, now is the time to do so.

6. Customizable Wall Art

Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts: Wall Art

If clothing is not what your store is all about, do not worry. Our catalog contains a large number of customizable wall art products as well.

Customizable posters, tapestries, and canvases are very popular during the holiday shopping season. Make sure you offer such customizable products, especially if your online store is about home design.

All our wall art products are available in numerous sizes to suit the needs of your customers.

7. Pillows

Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts: Pillows

People love to add personalized designs and photos to pillows, and this is nothing new. For this reason, we highly recommend adding customizable pillow designs to your online store.

Our product catalog includes two pillow designs that are available in four different sizes (from 12″ x 12″ to 24″ x 24″). Do not forget that most Christmas decorations also include custom-made festive pillows.

8. Personalized Mugs

Mugs are by far the most popular personalized gift. They have a compact size and are a necessity in our daily routine. In fact, gifting a custom mug is a great idea no matter what the occasion.

Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts: Mugs

That’s why it’s also a good idea to include personalized mugs in your print-on-demand store. When it comes to Thanksgiving gifts, we recommend either the Color Changing Mug or the Accent Mug from our catalog.

9. Customizable Fleece Blanket

Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts: Blankets

Fleece blankets make a playful and practical gift for the holidays. That’s why people love to buy personalized blankets as gifts for Thanksgiving.

Our catalog includes a beautiful Sherpa Fleece Blanket that is available in two sizes (50″ x 60″ or 60″ x 80″). Let your customers add their own personalized designs or create your brand’s festive blankets.

10. Wine Glass Holder Tray

Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts: Holder Tray

Thanksgiving is all about food and drink, isn’t it? Well, it’s also about gifts and joy. Since our latest suggestion combines both, it makes a perfect Thanksgiving gift. Our latest Wine Glass Holder Tray is a great addition to your online store.

The blank hardboard is fully customizable. So, you or your customers can add a full print design on the holder tray in minutes.

Wrap Up

It is clear that POD services have many advantages over traditional printing companies when it comes to personalized products.

It’s no wonder that personalizable print-on-demand products are so popular for Thanksgiving. Therefore, you should consider offering some of the above-personalized products even if your online store is not primarily based on POD services.

With over 100 products, an easy-to-use mockup generator, and fast order fulfillment times, Awkward Styles is simply the best POD partner for your business.

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