Custom Manufacturing

Bringing your ideas to reality, from design to your front door.

Custom Manufacturing


Create something completely new or remodel an existing product with many customization options including patterns, color, stitching, and fabric to ensure your finished product truly embodies what you had envisioned. Customize your products even further by designing private labels, or artwork to show off your unique style.


Reliable suppliers

We work closely with our vendors to ensure that we are supplying you with the highest-quality materials available to suit your needs.

Quality assurance

We’ve developed a thorough quality control system to ensure that your customers receive top-tier products. Additionally, all manufacturing is done in ethically and socially responsible factories.


Great pricing deals

To keep our promise of always helping you grow your business, we’ve optimized our production process, making it more affordable, consistent, and quality-driven.

Custom style and color programs are available.



Vary by style and fabrication. We offer custom fleece starting at 600 pieces and custom t-shirts starting at 1200 pieces.


Processing times

90-120 days after sample approval.Please contact our customer support for more information.