WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce Integration for Your
Print-on-Demand Store

Awkward Styles offers seamless Woocommerce Integration services, connecting your online store with our top-notch printing facilities. Simplify your business operations and boost your online sales. 

Connect Your Store
WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce Integration for Your Print-on-Demand Store

To connect your Awkward Styles account to your WooCommerce plugin for your website, you can follow these steps or watch our video guide below for precise details.

Connect Your Store

How To Connect To WooCommerce?

To connect your Awkward Styles account to your WooCommerce plugin for your website, you can follow these steps or watch our video guide below for precise details.

create account
Your journey begins here. Sign up to create a free Awkward Styles account if you have not already done so.
Inside your Awkward Styles account, go to the Integrations tab, select the connect icon next to Shopify. Follow the instructions given at the 2 minute video below.
API access
Please do enable API access for your WooCommerce installation, as API access is off by default. You can find the Legacy REST API option under Wordpress > WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced.
Your WordPress permalink settings should be set to any option other than Plain so that you can use the WooCommerce REST API. You can find the Permalinks setting at WordPress > Settings.
You're all set! Your products are ready to be sold. Our dedicated Merchant Support team is here to assist you whenever needed, so you can manage your time as you please while your store generates income. Relax and enjoy the rewards of your successful venture.
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A Video Guide To Connect to WooCommerce

Our intuitive setup process shown in this video guide will assist you through each step for effortless and seamless setup with WooCommerce on WordPress.

Connect Your Store

Harvesting The Benefits

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a widely-used free WordPress plugin that empowers users to create fully customizable online stores with extensive e-commerce features. 

  • Free, open source plugin
  • E-commerce features
  • Customizable stores
  • Flexibility
  • Strong security
  • Extensive documentation
  • Community support
  • Free extensions
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What is WooCommerce
Why Use WooCommerce

Why Use WooCommerce?

WooCommerce combines the power of WordPress, flexibility through modularity, a strong developer community, speed, and a focus on selling to provide a robust and comprehensive ecommerce solution.

  • WooCommerce is free and popular, powering 99% of all WordPress stores as a trusted ecommerce solution.
  • WooCommerce's modular framework allows for extensive customization and expansion, enabling you to tailor your online store to your specific needs and preferences.
  • The integration of WooCommerce with WordPress provides a strong foundation for ecommerce websites.
  • WooCommerce is suitable for various types of business models, capable of selling a wide range of products: Physical & digital goods, subscriptions, memberships, and more.
  • WooCommerce has a vibrant developer community, making it easier to find support and customization services with ongoing development, updates, and security enhancements.
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Why You Should Prefer To Integrate
Awkward Styles with WooCommerce?

Awkward Styles' goal is to streamline your business and amplify your sales using the immense potential of WooCommerce.

Together, we can unlock new opportunities and propel your brand to greater heights within this expansive marketplace.


Easy to connect

Our straightforward process enables a smooth integration of Awkward Styles with WooCommerce for a fast and easy setup for your business.

Order synchronization

Order synchronization

Your store on WooCommerce and our system are synchronized immediately after integration, thus enabling swift processing of orders.

Print-on-demand under your brand

Print-on-demand under your brand

Your products are crafted and presented under your brand.


Over 150+ customizable products

Our continuously growing product line empowers you to blend your designs for an extensive combination of customizations.

White label shipping

White label shipping

Saves time, energy, and money in terms of production and marketing costs with white label shipping.

customer support

24/7 customer support

Our dedicated team is committed to providing round-the-clock customer service, ensuring that assistance is just a call or message away, no matter the time or day.

shipping rates

Lower shipping rates

Benefit from our competitive shipping rates, providing you with cost savings while ensuring fast and affordable delivery of your orders.

Fast delivery

Fast and reliable delivery

Your customers will receive their orders right on time, in a secure fashion, thus enabling you to present a smooth and satisfying shopping experience to them.

Frequently asked questions about WooCommerce!

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create an online shop. The e-commerce features provided by Woocommerce allows you to present your products and designs for sale and customize your online store according to your preferences.

While WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin, you may still have to pay extra fees to get started. The WooCommerce services that may require extra fees include domain name, hosting, SSL certificate, some premium themes and designs, and extra plugins that assist in store management.

Yes, you can make money on WooCommerce. There are a number of ways to do this, and it all depends on how you set up your WooCommerce store. You can sell physical products, digital products, or a combination of both.

WooCommerce is beginner-friendly, allowing users with no prior experience or coding knowledge to easily set up an online store.

No coding required. WooCommerce Block Themes let you completely customize every part of your online store. Create exactly the shopping experience you want without touching a line of code.

Entrepreneurs can capitalize on their creativity and skills by selling products with WooCommerce, allowing them to monetize their offerings. Whether the goal is to establish a full-time business or earn supplementary income, WooCommerce provides an ideal platform to showcase and sell unique products to a wide customer base.

Yes, you can. After completing WooCommerce integration with Awkward Styles, you can simply upload your merch to WooCommerce and enjoy the sales.