Etsy Integration for Your
Print-on-Demand Store

Awkward Styles makes it effortless to seamlessly connect your Etsy store with our powerful integration platform.

Connect Your Etsy Store
Etsy Integration

Etsy Integration for Your Print-on-Demand Store

Awkward Styles makes it effortless to seamlessly connect your Etsy store with our powerful integration platform.

Connect Your Etsy Store

How To Connect To Etsy?

To connect your Awkward Styles account to your Etsy store, you can follow these steps or watch our video guide below for a detailed step-by-step.

Etsy Integration

Your journey begins here. Sign up to create a free Awkward Styles account if you have not already done so.

Etsy Integration

Inside your Awkward Styles account, go to the Integrations tab, select the connect icon next to Etsy. Follow the instructions given at the 2 minute video below.

Etsy Integration

You have connected. We will handle the rest of the order fulfillment processes, while you profit.

A Video Guide To Connect to Etsy

Our setup process is designed to be intuitive. You'll be up and running on Etsy in no time with our user-friendly tools and detailed instructions. We will guide you through each step for a seamless experience from start to finish. No complicated procedures, just simplicity at its best.

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Reaping The Benefits

What is Etsy?

Etsy operates as a unique marketplace that facilitates direct transactions between buyers and sellers, offering a platform for personalized print on demand products while allowing you to generate income.

  • Easy to set up!

  • No Membership Fees!

  • Millions of Active Customers!

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What is Etsy
Why Use Etsy

Why Use Etsy?

The reasons why you want to choose Etsy are fast & user friendly tools, secure & transparent payments, huge & organic customer base, and promotions.

  • Easily set up and run your Etsy store with Awkward Styles' intuitive tool. We guide you through each step for a seamless, uncomplicated experience.

  • With transparent fees, Etsy helps you plan your budget. No hidden membership fees, just a $0.20 listing fee per item. Transaction fees deducted after a sale.

  • Etsy offers access to a vast, targeted customer base. Showcase your unique print-on-demand products to millions of actively searching buyers.

  • Etsy offers Promoted Listings, a powerful tool to showcase products, attract customers, and increase shop visibility through voluntary advertising.

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Why You Should Prefer To Integrate
Awkward Styles with Etsy.

We at Awkward Styles aim to expand your reach and boost your sales through the power of Etsy, so that the full potential
of this huge marketplace takes your business to new heights.

Some of the advantages and benefits for you to integrate Awkward Styles with Etsy are:


Easy to connect

Our intuitive process allows you to integrate Awkward Styles with Etsy easily and quickly.

Order synchronization

Order synchronization

After integration, your store and our system are synchronized immediately, allowing orders to be processed automatically.

Print-on-demand your brand

Print-on-demand under your brand

Your products are yours, they are shipped under your name.


Over 150+ customizable products

Our ever expanding product line allows you to combine your designs for customizations without parallel

White label shipping

White label shipping

Saves time, energy, and money in terms of production and marketing costs with white label shipping.

customer support

24/7 customer support

Our dedicated team is committed to providing round-the-clock customer service, ensuring that assistance is just a call or message away, no matter the time or day.

Lower shipping rates

Lower shipping rates

Enjoy the added advantage of our competitive shipping rates, allowing you to save on costs while ensuring your orders reach you swiftly and affordably

Fast delivery

Fast and reliable delivery

Your orders will arrive to your customers promptly and securely, providing you with peace of mind and your customers a seamless shopping experience.

Frequently asked questions about Etsy!

Selling on Etsy offers an exceptional opportunity for your business to thrive. With a global marketplace, a dedicated community, and a niche focus on handmade and unique products, Etsy provides a platform to showcase your creations to a wide audience of enthusiastic buyers. The user-friendly interface, customization options, and built-in marketing tools empower you to establish a distinctive brand and effectively promote your products. Joining Etsy means gaining access to a supportive network, valuable resources, and the chance to connect with customers who appreciate the quality and authenticity of your offerings.

Etsy functions as a unique online marketplace, similar to popular platforms like Amazon or eBay, specializing in handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies. It enables direct transactions between buyers and sellers, providing a platform for businesses to offer personalized, standout products while allowing creators to generate income.

Opening a shop on Etsy is free for businesses, with no initial costs. However, there are basic selling fees to consider, including listing fees, transaction fees, payment processing fees, and optional advertising fees for Offsite Ads.

Entrepreneurs can capitalize on their creativity and skills by selling products on Etsy, allowing them to monetize their offerings. Whether the goal is to establish a full-time business or earn supplemental income, Etsy provides an ideal platform to showcase and sell unique products to a wide customer base.

In the first quarter of 2023 it was reported that Etsy had 89.90 million active buyers, users who have bought at least one item within the last 12 months.

While both Etsy and eBay serve as online selling platforms, they differ in terms of fee structures. Etsy applies more defined and standardized fees, including listing fees, whereas eBay fees can vary significantly based on various seller-related factors. Additionally, Etsy's Pattern stores offer more affordable options compared to eBay's offerings, making it an attractive choice for businesses.

Yes, you can. After completing Etsy integration with Awkward Styles, you can simply upload your designs to Etsy and enjoy the sales.