21 Customized Father’s Day Gifts Every Dad Will Love

Carter McCue

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Every dad, papa, gramps, or pop deserve the best on his special day. And this Father’s Day, we’ve got you covered with 21 different, one-of-a-kind gift ideas that any dad would love to receive. From personalized keychains to clothing and accessories, there’s something here for every dad out there.

So whether you’re looking for items to add to your store’s Father’s Day collection, or you simply want to give your own dad a gift he’ll never forget, browse through our list and get inspired!

Some Stats You Might Find Interesting

Alright, before we get into the gifts, let’s take a look at some interesting statistics about Father’s Day. After all, understanding your customer is always the first step in marketing to them!

With that, here are just some stats that might surprise you:

  • According to the National Retail Federation, around 76% of adults in the US are expected to celebrate the event and consumers are projected to spend $20 billion on gifts this year.
  • Here in the US, around six in every 10 men are dads, whether it be biological, step, or foster.
  • The average person celebrating Father’s Day will spend around $171.79.
  • When it comes to sending greeting cards, Father’s Day is found to be the fourth biggest occasion in the US with over 72 million Father’s Day cards being sent each year.

21 Personalized Gifts for the World’s Best Dads

Pretty surprising, right? Well, it’s just the greatest men in our lives we’re talking about.

And now, without further ado, here are 21 great gift ideas for all the amazing dads out there:

For the New and Expecting Dads

That’s right! You can welcome new and expecting dads with your Father’s Day collection. Your customers will love being able to shop for both the new dad and baby in their life all at once.

Matching Dad & Baby Outfit

There’s no better way to do this by offering your customers a matching dad and baby outfit. This is perfect for those adorable pictures of the new family! Not to mention, it makes for a great gift for the new dad who loves to show off his new bundle of joy.

When it comes to matching dad and baby outfits, you’ve got a variety of designs and clothing items to choose from. You can go the traditional route with a matching sweatshirt and baby bodysuit. Or, you can get a little more creative with a dad and baby beanies set or even a matching pair of socks!

Some of the designs and phrases you can use for your new dad and baby outfit include:

  • “Daddy of an Angel” & “Daddy’s Angel”
  • “Best. Dad. Ever.”
  • “New Daddy & Me”
  • “I Love My Daddy”
  • “Copy” & “Paste”

You can also let your customers submit their own ideas and incorporate them into your templates for a more personal touch!

For the Car-loving Dads

One of the things many dads get excited about (besides their new baby) is their car. So why not offer your customers a gift that any car-loving dad would love to receive?


Any car-loving dad would love to receive a personalized keychain from his family. It is something he can carry with him everywhere and be reminded of his loved ones every time he uses it.

There are a variety of keychain designs you can create. For example, you can use the family’s last name or a special nickname for dad. You can also use some short and sweet phrases such as “Best Dad Ever,” “No. 1 Dad,” or witty ones like “Dad, Please Slow Down!” and “I (heart) Dad’s Car.”

Custom Car Air Freshener

You’ve read that right! Even car air fresheners can be customized nowadays. MakeMyFreshener lets customers design their own car air fresheners with any shape, images, text, or colors they want. You can have your own designs made and partner them with your other merch as a Father’s Day gift set!

Witty Bumper Stickers

Humor always goes a long way, especially for dads. So why not offer your customers a gift that will make dad laugh every time he’s on the road?

There are tons of witty bumper stickers you can create. You can use dad jokes, play on words, or anything else you think will make dad chuckle. Some examples include:

  • “The Walking Dad” (A play on The Walking Dead)
  • “Warning: Dad Jokes Ahead”
  • “I Brake for Bad Dad Jokes”

For the Active Dads

Of course, not all dads are car enthusiasts. Some dads love being outdoors and staying active. If your customers fall into this category, then here are some great gift ideas for them!

Heavy Blend Full-zip Hoodies

personalized father's day hoodie, custom hoodie, personalized hodie, customizable hoodie

This Gildan full-zip hooded sweatshirt is perfect for the active dad who loves to be spend his mornings jogging around the block or his evenings playing in the park with his kids. You can make it much more stylish by adding some subtle designs such as a small logo with the family name or phrases like “World’s Greatest Dad.”

Personalized Jersey Tee

personalized father's day gifts, dad tshirts

Another great gift idea for the active dad is a personalized jersey tee. He can wear it while he’s working out, playing sports, or even just running errands. And with the Bella+Canvas – 3001, you can be sure he’ll be comfortable in it all day long while still looking good.

Some words or phrases you can use for your jersey tees are”#1 Dad”, “Super Dad”, or “World’s Greatest (insert activity here) Dad”. You can also ask your customer to give a number and have that printed on the back of the shirt like a traditional jersey.

For the Career-Driven Dads

Dads who spend most of their time at work will appreciate a gift that makes their work life a little easier or remind them of their family back at home.

Here are just a few ideas:

Laptop Stickers

Yes, laptop stickers are still a thing and they make for a great gift! They are perfect for the dad who is always on-the-go and needs to take his laptop with him everywhere.

There are a variety of laptop stickers you can create. For example, you can use the family’s last name or a special nickname for dad. You can also make a cartoonized version of the family and turn it into a fun sticker.

Custom Laptop Sleeve

Why not take it a step further and pair the laptop stickers with a custom laptop sleeve? This way, dads can have a stylish and protective way to carry their laptops with them. You can even match the designs or colors of the stickers with the sleeve for a cohesive look!

Engraved Money Clips

If your customers are looking for a more sophisticated gift, then an engraved money clip is a great option. It is perfect for the dad who always has to have his suit and tie with him. You can engrave a special message, the family name, or anything else you think the dad would appreciate.

Custom Power Banks

Dads who are always on-the-go need to have a reliable way to charge their devices. A custom power bank is the perfect solution! You can have them imprinted with anything from the family name to a special message or inside joke.

Witty Door Hangers

door hangers, room decor, office decor

For dads who work in their own home office, these door hangers make for a great gift! They are perfect for hanging on the door to let the family know when he’s in “work mode” and not to be disturbed. You can also get creative with the designs and make them as witty or punny as you want.

Framed Posters

One great way to make a dad’s office feel more like home is to frame some posters of his favorite things. It could be anything from some quotes of his favorite players, to a picture of his family, or even just a landscape that he loves.

For the Stylish Dads

When talking about custom gifts, clothing is always a great option! And there are plenty of options for the stylish dad who loves to dress up.

Custom Champion Sweatshirts

custom champion sweatshirt, personalized father's day gifts

These classy Champion S600 sweatshirts are perfect for any casual trips, sports events, or even a lazy day at home. You can add a little bit of personalization by adding the dad’s initials or a special message on the left chest.

Custom Vintage Shorts

custom shorts, dad bod merch, custom lane seven shorts, vintage shorts

Yes, men’s shorts can be stylish! These Lane Seven vintage shorts are perfect for the dad who loves to dress up, but still wants to be comfortable. You can let your customers choose from a variety of colors and then add a custom embroidery on the left leg for some personal touches.

Cotton Long Sleeve T-shirt

dad bod longsleeve shirt, longsleeve for father's day

A comfy and stylish long sleeve tee is always a great gift option. And with the Gildan 5400, you can be sure dads will be comfortable in it all day long while still looking good.

You can beautify these comfy shirts with big and bold text on the back or a more intricate design on the front. Either way, it is sure to be a gift that dad will love!

For the Dads Who Like To Enjoy Their Downtime

Now, let’s move on to some gift ideas for the dads who like to spend their free time relaxing.

Engraved Flasks

Some dads just love their liquor. And what better way to enjoy it than with a personalized flask? You can have them engraved with anything from a simple message to an inside joke that only he would understand.

Customizable Mugs

custom mugs, funny mugs for father's day

You can never go wrong with a mug as a gift. Thus, why not offer your customers the option to customize it? They can add a photo of the family, a special message, or anything else they think dad would love. You can also create designs for color-changing mugs that are perfect for any coffee or tea loving dad!

Wine Glass Holder

wine glass holder, custom wine holder

Want to make your Father’s Day collection really stand out? Then be sure to offer this unique wine glass holder! It is perfect for the dad who loves to relax with a glass of wine after a long day. You can create your own sublimation glass designs or offer a variety of pre-made ones that suit the dad’s taste.

Beer Mug

This gift is perfect for the dad who loves to kick back with a cold beer. The mug can be customized with anything from the dad’s initials to some inside jokes. Your customers will surely love this but their dads will love it even more!

For the Homebodies

Did you know that from 1989 to 2016, the number of stay-at-home dads grew from 4% to 6%? Well, given the pandemic, that number has probably increased even more. So, why not add some gifts to your collection that are perfect for the homebody dads as well?

Personalized Apron

personalized apron, custom apron for father's day

Dads who love to cook will surely appreciate this personalized apron! Whether it’s a dad joke, a classic pattern, or a subtle logo with the dad’s initials, this apron is sure to make him smile as he’s whipping up his next masterpiece in the kitchen.

Pillow Covers

gifts for baseball dads, ideas for father's day gifts

I mean, who doesn’t like naps? With some custom pillow covers, the homebody dad can do it in style!

The designs you can create are endless–from cartoonized family photos to dad jokes and everything in between. You can also ask your customers for a short message or quote that they want included on the pillow cover. It’s sure to be a gift that any dad would love.

Is Your Store Father’s Day Ready?

And that’s a wrap! We hope we’ve helped you get some ideas for your own Father’s Day collection or your own gifts for your old man. Whether it’s a custom t-shirt or a wine glass holder of his own, we’re sure any dad would appreciate the gesture.

Just make sure you’re prepared for the big day doing your magic and creating some awesome designs your customers and the amazing fathers in your life will love! And once you’re done, Awkward Styles will take care of the printing and shipping so you can focus on what truly matters!

Create your free Awkward Styles account now and customize over 150 print on demand products. Connect your Etsy, Shopify or WooCommerce store and start selling now!

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