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It may be a bit surprising, but a lot of people actually like to plan–or at least think about doing it. With a global market size expected to hit $1.3 billion in five years, the business of notebooks and planners is booming. But it’s not just about keeping schedules and jotting down to-do lists; it’s also about self-expression, creativity, and staying organized in style.

Main Keypoints:

  • The market for notebooks and planners is growing, with a global market size expected to reach $1.3 billion in the next five years.
  • Notebooks and planners offer self-expression, creativity, and style in addition to scheduling and to-do lists.
  • Selling notebooks and planners is a smart move due to their enduring popularity, appeal for personalization, wellness benefits, and versatility as gifts.
  • Notebooks and planners have a broad target audience, making them suitable for various niches, including college students, professionals, business coaches, chefs, and small business owners.
  • Entrepreneurs can create successful notebook and planner collections by curating designs for their niche, gathering customer insights, and exploring various selling and marketing routes.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of notebooks and planners, exploring a range of options that cater to various tastes and preferences. If you’re an online seller looking to add a touch of personalization and creativity to your product lineup, don’t think of exiting this window. We’ll review some standout products from Awkward Styles’ updated catalog and discuss how print-on-demand sellers can leverage their expertise to create their own unique collections of notebooks and planners. Let’s get started!

Why Sell Notebooks and Planners?

Before we get into the products, let’s explore why selling notebooks and planners can be a smart move for online sellers like you.

They’re Not Leaving the Market Anytime Soon

Or they may never leave at all…

In an increasingly digital world, you might wonder if physical notebooks and planners are on the decline. The truth is, they’re here to stay, and here’s why:

Tangible Planning

While digital tools are convenient, there’s something uniquely satisfying about physically writing down your plans, goals, and ideas. Notebooks and planners provide a tangible way to organize thoughts and stay on track.

Creativity and Personalization

Many people use notebooks not just for scheduling but also for journaling, sketching, and creative expression. Planners offer opportunities for personalization, allowing users to design their layouts and themes.

Wellness and Mindfulness

Journaling has gained popularity for its therapeutic benefits. It provides a space for self-reflection, gratitude, and mindfulness exercises. This trend is likely to continue as people recognize more the importance of mental well-being.

They Make Great Gifts!

Notebooks and planners make excellent gifts for various occasions. Whether it’s a back-to-school gift, a thoughtful present for a creative friend, or a corporate giveaway, their versatility ensures year-round demand.

They Let You Expand Your Market Segments

The appeal of notebooks and planners isn’t limited to a specific age group. They cater to students, professionals, artists, and anyone seeking organization and creative expression. This broad target audience means there’s a niche for everyone.

Print on Demand Notebooks and Planners at Awkward Styles

An POD planner for 2024, a closed print-on-demand notebook with Dream big Plan well written on, a mug of cappuccino, some pink and yellow colored tulips along with a partial keyboard visible on a white marble with veins table, with Awkward Styles logo.

If you’re looking for print-on-demand stationery to sell online, here are some of Awkward Styles’ newest notebooks and planners that you might want to add to your next merch collections:

The Softcover Spiral Notebook

Available in both black and gold spiral options, this notebook is a stylish choice for those who appreciate aesthetics.

You have the freedom to choose from various rule options, including college rule, wide rule, checklist, sketch, bullet, and recipe formats. This diversity caters to a wide range of users, from students who prefer structured note-taking to artists and chefs who need specialized formats for their creative work.

Customization takes center stage with the Softcover Spiral Notebook. You can personalize the front and back covers, allowing you to add your own designs, branding, or artwork. When it comes to functionality, this notebook doesn’t disappoint. It contains 120 pages (60 sheets), providing ample space for notes, sketches, recipes, or whatever your customers choose to fill it with. The covers are laminated with 5 mil gloss, giving them a sleek and professional finish.

In terms of size, the Softcover Spiral Notebook offers three options: 5.5″ x 8.5″, 8.5″ x 8.5″, and 8.5″ x 11″. This variety ensures that you can cater to different preferences, from compact and portable to larger, more spacious notebooks.

With a weight of 7.04 oz, it strikes a balance between being lightweight for on-the-go use and substantial enough to feel durable.

The Hardcover Spiral Notebook

This notebook is a must-have for those who consider their journals as their own bible or go-to companion. The Hardcover Spiral Notebook is the epitome of sophistication and durability, making it the perfect choice for users who demand both style and substance from their stationery.

As with the Softcover Spiral Notebook, the Hardcover Spiral Notebook is available in both black and gold spiral options, adding an elegant and stylish touch to your note-taking experience. What truly distinguishes this notebook is its robust construction, setting it apart as a premium option. Its cover boasts a 70 pt. chipboard, laminated with a 1.3 mil satin matte layer. This unique combination of materials results in a notebook that’s exceptionally sturdy and resilient, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use while safeguarding its precious contents.

Like its softcover counterpart, the Hardcover Spiral Notebook offers various rule options to cater to diverse preferences, including college rule, wide rule, checklist, sketch, bullet, and recipe formats. This versatility ensures that users can find the perfect format for their specific needs, whether it’s for structured note-taking, creative drawings, detailed checklists, or even culinary adventures.

One standout feature of the Hardcover Spiral Notebook is its exceptional potential for customization. You can seamlessly incorporate subtle branding elements, such as your online store’s logo, on the front and back covers. This allows you to create a cohesive and professional look for your merch collections, making each notebook uniquely yours.

With a weight of 8.96 oz., this notebook strikes the perfect balance between substance and manageability. It’s the ideal companion for users who seek a durable, stylish, and reliable notebook to accompany them on their daily adventures.

The Softcover Spiral Planner

For those shoppers who crave more structure and organization in their lives, we have the Softcover Spiral Planner—a versatile and stylish solution that combines functionality with personalization.

Available in both black and gold spiral options, this planner caters to a range of aesthetic preferences, allowing your customers to choose the one that best resonates with their style.

One notable feature of the Softcover Spiral Planner is its flexibility in terms of scheduling. It offers both dated and undated options, making it suitable for various planning needs. Whether your customers prefer to start their planning journey from a specific date or want the freedom to customize their planner’s dates, this option has them covered.

The Softcover Spiral Planner is available in two convenient sizes: 5.5″ x 8.5″ and 8.5″ x 11″, allowing your customers to choose the size that best suits their planning preferences, whether they prefer a compact and portable planner or one with more room for detailed scheduling.

With a weight of 7.04 oz., it’s lightweight enough to be carried around daily while maintaining the durability necessary for a planner that’s built to last.

The Hardcover Spiral Planner

Last but certainly not least, the Hardcover Spiral Planner from Awkward Styles is the pinnacle of sophistication and organization. It’s the ideal choice for those shoppers who demand both style and structure in their planners.

Similar to the Softcover Spiral Planner, the Hardcover Spiral Planner is available in both black and gold spiral options, adding a touch of elegance to the planning experience. Whether your customers prefer a classic black or a luxurious gold spiral, they’ll find a planner that suits their aesthetic preferences.

One outstanding feature of this planner is its exceptional build quality. The cover is constructed from a 70 pt. chipboard, laminated with a 1.3 mil satin matte layer, making a planner that’s not only durable but also exudes an air of sophistication. This is perfect for working professionals who like to keep a notebook they can always access on their desk, adding a touch of professionalism to their workspace. 

Creating Your Very Own Notebook and Planner Collection

Now, let’s talk about business–your business. How exactly do you go about creating your own notebook and planner collection? Let’s break it down.

Knowing the Niche to Target

As with any type of merch, knowing the right market to target is the key. Here are some niches or specific segments you might want to explore:

Artsy and Org Active College Students

College students often juggle busy schedules, making planners a must-have. Plus, despite the rise of note-taking apps, writing down math formulas and chemistry notes on tangible notebooks still hits differently. Offering customizable and vibrant Softcover Spiral Planners and Spiral Notebooks will surely appeal to their artistic and organizational needs, ensuring they stay on top of their studies and activities.

Corporate Professionals

Professionals in the corporate world value sophistication and functionality. The Hardcover Spiral Planner, with its elegant design and robust construction, is an excellent fit. The larger 8.5″ x 11″ size provides just the right space for detailed scheduling and note-taking, making it a practical choice for business-minded individuals.

Business Coaches

Business coaches often require detailed planning tools to manage client sessions and business activities. The Hardcover Spiral Planner, with its professionalism and customization options, aligns well with their needs. The 8.5″ x 11″ size offers ample space for business-related planning and strategizing. You can also partner up with them to craft planners or workbooks using the Softcover Spiral Notebooks for their dear clients.

Chefs and Bakers

Culinary professionals thrive on organization, especially when managing recipes, menus, and ingredient lists. The Softcover Spiral Notebook, available in recipe format, is an ideal choice. Its compact size and customizable covers make it a practical tool for chefs and bakers to jot down culinary creations.

Small Business Owners

Entrepreneurs and small business owners require versatile planning solutions. The Softcover Spiral Planner, available in different rule formats and sizes, caters to their diverse needs. Customizable covers also allow for branding and personalization, making it a valuable addition to their business tools.

Curating Your Designs and Conceptualizing Your Collection

To kickstart your notebook and planner collection journey, start by curating designs that resonate with your chosen niche. Consider the aesthetics, color schemes, and themes that would appeal most to your target audience. Whether it’s minimalistic and professional designs for corporate professionals or vibrant and artistic motifs for college students, understanding your niche’s visual preferences is essential.

Get a Feel of Your Target Market’s Interest

Once you have a rough idea of what your collection should look like, it’s time to dive deeper into your target market’s interests. Engage with potential customers through surveys, social media polls, or focus groups to gather valuable insights. Ask about their favorite colors, patterns, and design elements. Avoid the disappointment of creating designs that miss the mark; instead, tailor your collection to align perfectly with their preferences, whether it’s vibrant and artistic or minimalistic and professional.

Know Your Selling and Marketing Routes

Apart from your established platforms, it may be worth considering additional channels to reach your notebook and planner audience. Explore partnerships with local stationery stores or boutiques that align with your niche. Collaborate with influencers or bloggers who cater to your target market to gain exposure. Don’t forget to optimize your online presence by using relevant keywords and hashtags to make your collection more discoverable. By diversifying your selling and marketing routes, you can maximize your reach and connect with potential customers in different ways.

Create and Sell Eye-Catching Notebooks and Planners With Awkward Styles!

Whether you actually like journaling your day-to-day, or you’re the type who hoards notebooks just for the sake of admiring their covers (and the pages’ scent–we get it), the world of notebooks and planners is a market that’s not going away anytime soon. And you can definitely build a lucrative business around this very passion. Awkward Styles offers an array of customizable, high-quality products that cater to various niche markets, from college students and corporate professionals to small business owners. 

By understanding your target audience and their design preferences, you can create collections that resonate and elevate your entrepreneurial journey in the world of notebooks and planners. Start crafting your collection today and turn your love for stationery into a profitable venture with Awkward Styles!

For future product releases and more print-on-demand tips and tricks, visit our blog!

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