Top 10 Profitable Christmas Product Ideas for 2023

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Christmas Product Ideas 2022

The holidays are just around the corner, and we all know what this means—it’s time to start uploading our Christmas products to our store for those early shoppers. And to help you out with ideas, we’ve curated a list of over ten profitable Christmas product ideas you can personalize for your online store!

Christmas Product Ideas For Moms

Let’s start our list with gifts for one of the most precious humans on earth—our moms! Whether she’s an independent career woman, a level 989 Candy Crush player, or the best cook you’ve ever known, moms will love these gifts that are stylish with a purpose. 

Personalized Tote Bag

Personalized tote bag, christmas ideas for 2022

You won’t run out of design ideas for tote bags. Whether it’s her favorite art piece or calligraphy of her daily mantra, you can incorporate these with a minimalist yet fashionable layout for a tote bag! And because tote bags are known as the all-purpose bag, you’ll see your customers using it a lot—for their grocery shopping, a stroll around the park, or when going out for a simple tea with their friends! 

Custom Apron

Custom apron, personalized apron, christmas gift ideas 2022

If your shop’s customers love baking or cooking mouth-watering dishes for the family, you can also spoil them with some custom aprons. Like tote bags, you can print their favorite patterns or quotes on this lovely piece of cloth they can use every day!

Comfy Custom Pillows For Dad

Christmas pillow covers, custom pillow cases, christmas pillows 2022

If your dad’s been complaining about back pains and body aches, it’s time to give him the lasting comfort he deserves with a pillow tailor-made for him! To make the gift a bit more sentimental, you can get him different pillow covers printed with pictures he treasures or a logo of his favorite childhood band.

Pillows are adaptable to many niches, so don’t miss out on adding a few listings to your store!

Metal Prints For Your Girl Besties

metal prints, personalized metal prints, print your own metal art

Of course, we also have product ideas for the sisters who’ve had our backs in the past years.

If astrology’s one of your niches, you can create listings with the zodiac signs and symbols printed on canvases, posters, dowels or metal prints! These will perfectly complement the wall posters in their bedrooms.

You can also offer to personalize products with group photos or your own art pieces printed on these heavy-duty prints. It would be a great way for your customers to showcase their years-long friendship!

For the Bros 

For those that sell products in the friendship niche, for ride-or-die buddies, the Batman to our Robin, we’ve also got product ideas that are worth every penny!

Custom Joggers

If your customers want to give their bros something useful, these custom joggers are a great option! Available in different colors and sizes, these customizable joggers can keep their friends warm during winter nights or when they’re watching their favorite sports team live!

And the bonus is, because they’re customizable, you can have their favorite sports teams’ logos printed on these comfy Lane Seven joggers!


Why not throw in a hoodie too? This will perfectly complement the joggers and give your customers the gift of a good night’s sleep! You can also choose to print a legendary meme (while being mindful of copyright and licenses), or a funny and quirky picture that will make them laugh every time they wear it!

Beanies For Your Customers’ S.O.

If your customers will be celebrating Christmas with a significant other, it’s best to give something unique that they’ll remember! And with a personalized beanie, you’ll get to make them feel warm while doing so.

You can never go wrong with some favorite quotes or words printed on these beanies! And because it’s the cold season, their S.O. will be wearing this whenever they step out of the house.

Christmas Product Ideas for Aunts

Of course, we’ve also got fantastic ideas for our aunts who have the loveliest home gardens and aesthetic interiors we’re all dying to have!


These are literally the best gifts for customers’ aunts who love hanging art pieces on their living room or bedroom walls. You can have your own designs printed on these—you can draw, paint, or use some simple clip arts and add text!


print on demand ornaments, Christmas gift ideas 2022

Since it’s Christmas, why not also sell some beautiful ornaments that your customers can use every year? Many aunts and family members love collecting things, so this would be the perfect gift for your customers to shop for! You can list a set of unique ornaments that they can hang on their trees, or that they can place on their shelves and tables.

Face Masks For the Friend Who’s Always On the Go

Nowadays, you can’t stay out without having the extra protection. And if you’ve got a friend who’s always on the go, a custom cotton face mask would be the perfect and most useful gift!

Christmas Product Ideas For Toddler Nephews or Nieces

Christmas isn’t complete without kids. And if you’ve got cute, little ones in your family, why not spoil them with something they can use for the season?

Personalized Sweatshirt

Any kid would love a sweatshirt with their name or initials printed on it! This will keep them warm and cozy, and they can wear it to all the Christmas parties and gatherings.

Long Sleeves

For customers living in extra chilly places, you can also offer personalized long sleeves to add to the layers under sweatshirts! This is also a great option if shoppers love buying and wearing unique printed clothes.

For You

Of course, your year wouldn’t have been amazing if it weren’t for all your efforts and hard work. Thus, make this Christmas an opportunity for you to treat yourself with gifts that will give you comfort.

Color Changing Mug

print on demand color changing mug, color morphing mug, personalized mug

With every sip, this mug will remind you that you deserve to relax and enjoy your day! It’s definitely a great mug for those days when work has been piling up and you need to get away from your stress.

Custom Blanket

This soft and snuggly blanket is perfect for when you just want to curl up in a ball and relax. It’s also great for those days when you need to get some extra sleep!

You can have your favorite patterns printed on it, or you can also choose to get an image that your family members will find cute!

Where to Get All These?

If you want to have all of these gifts customized and printed in no time, there’s no need to look any further! Just head over to our website and we’ll take care of the rest! From offering design images to ensuring that everything is printed correctly, we’ll make sure that your customers, friends and loved ones will love their gifts!

Wrapping it up!

Now that you’ve got ideas on which products to sell and give to your most-treasured friends and loved ones, all that’s left for you to do is choose and get to work on your listings!

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