Etsy SEO: How to Come Up with Keywords for Etsy Listings

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It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out in the world of arts and crafts or have been selling for years; Etsy can be a great way to sell your wares. You can use this site whether you’re just beginning or have been in the business for years. A relevant Etsy SEO strategy will help you stand out from a wide variety of items for sale in the marketplace.

Keywords are essential for SEO on all platforms, but it’s especially true on Etsy because of how the search algorithm works there. With Etsy’s 4.3 million sellers, it can be challenging to set your business apart from the others with a limited number of keywords for search engine optimization purposes. So if you don’t have at least one keyword in each listing title and description, you’re missing out.

So, keywords are a big deal in Etsy. They can make or break your shop, and they’re hard to come up with, right? We got you covered! This blog post will give you three tips on developing effective and valuable keywords that allow shoppers to find what they are looking for!

First, let’s have an overview of how Etsy SEO keywords work

To make your listing more visible on Etsy, use well-selected tags for each of your products with keyword matches. Here’s why:

  • Etsy search gathers all the listings that have keywords matching a shopper’s query.
  • Then, the system ranks them so shoppers will see items most relevant to their queries.
  • It is also important to be detailed when it comes to titles and descriptions, as this gives buyers additional information about what they are purchasing.

Now that we understand how Etsy SEO keywords work, let’s discuss specific strategies that you can use to come up with the best keywords for your listings!

Marmalead: helping sellers remain competitive in an ever-changing e-commerce landscape

Marmalead is one of the most popular programs for assisting sellers with Etsy SEO. It’s effortless to use and can be accessed through your browser or app on mobile devices. They have different packages depending on what you need, but it’s affordable at $19/month with the ability to cancel anytime if needed!

Marmalead: Features that help Etsy sellers use the best keywords

With the help of this infographic software, it’ll be easy to start and get ahead of your competition. As an overview, Marmalead offers the following:

Keyword Comparison and Tracking. Track keyword performance metrics and identify the most valuable keywords by comparing them side-by-side. These features help provide the keywords and let you know how you can benefit from them.

Marma-Meter. It’s an intuitive system that rates your visibility in Etsy by using green, yellow, and red. This simple feature alone can help you monitor the health and performance of your Etsy shop.

Keyword Search Features. Marmalead has an intuitive search bar, listing results limiter, filters, listings, and tags rank. This feature can show the top listings and their performance, helping you collect the highest performing Etsy listings with a keyword analysis!

Trending Tags. See what people are buying or making popular on Etsy right now. Marmalead has tags created by both experts in SEO and newbies alike. Being aware of seasonal Etsy trends can help you get a jump on the competition, generate more traffic to your shop, and make you feel like an Etsy expert.

ERank: powerful, affordable, and easy to use data-driven SEO software

Etsy SEO, ERank Etsy SEO

It’s easy to set yourself apart in a marketplace like Etsy with ERank. Its keyword tools will help you better understand the competition so that you’ll know which keywords to prioritize for your listings and who your target customer is. It also provides some detailed analytics on common price points, tags used, and more!

ERank: Features that help Etsy sellers use the best keywords

If you need to know how your competitors are outmaneuvering you on Google, then ERank is the data-driven SEO software for you. The best part about it? It’s affordable and easy to use! It has three plans with varying daily limits: free, basic ($5.99/mo), and pro ($9.99/mo). Its features provide the following:

Keyword Tool. Do you want to take the thinking out of deciding which tags will best sell your product? The Etsy Keyword Tool tells you what tags are popular and tells you the most common price points from the listings that rank best in the search results.

Keyword Lists. This ERank feature is a quick and easy way to monitor keywords without any hassle. After monitoring keyword searches, you can categorize them by popping them into color-coded lists for an easier organization in one place.

Listing Audit. By using the Listing Audit tool, you can see which keywords are performing the best. In addition, you’ll get complete reports on search volumes, clicks, and CTR for your listing tags.

Beyond what’s mentioned above, ERank also offers features such as Listing Changes, Competitor Sales, and Trend Buzz. Also, they can help you manage your Etsy store for a small fee.

Etsy’s search bar: Seek suggestions without leaving the platform

Without money leaving your pocket, Etsy’s search bar can be used as a simple way to find the best keywords. You can use it as an additional means for generating relevant content or avoiding irrelevant content. What’s more, it’s hassle-free; you can generate keywords in seconds by just using the search bar on the Etsy site!

Through the search bar on Etsy’s front page, use common keyword phrases that people are already searching for, and these will generate in the drop-down menu. Type a keyword into the search bar to see suggestions, and voila! You already have a list of relevant keywords from Etsy.

Keep in mind that using this method can only take you so far. Sometimes, typing in a keyword can generate irrelevant content that will not serve the user well if they are looking for something specific. But it’s a great place to start!

Now you know how to come up with the perfect Etsy keywords. What’s next?

Etsy is a great place to sell, but it will be tough for people to find you if you’re not using the right keywords in your listing titles and descriptions. But it doesn’t have to be this way now because you already know the best strategies to use. Hopefully, it saves you time, allowing you to focus on what really matters – creating better products and delivering them to your customers!

For a full tutorial on setting up your Etsy print on demand store, check out our complete YouTube tutorial below!

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