Great Print-on-demand Products To Start Your Own Business

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Great ideas for print on demand products

Do you need ideas about what products to sell in your print-on-demand business? Here are a few products that it is advisable to sell in your POD store.

Men & Women’s Clothing

Print-on-demand clothing is a global market. Finding resources is relatively easy, and resources are also everywhere. It matches the enormous demand, which can smoothen the entry of your business to the market.

Keep in mind that you’ll have several competitors who are already dominating the market. The only way for your business to thrive is with aggressive marketing with high-quality designs and fabric. You also need to keep up with seasonal changes and holidays, so your designs need frequent updates when entering the print-on-demand clothing market.

  • T-shirts. Customized crewneck, v-neck, polo t-shirts have the most significant demand. They are easy to customize, so prepare to sell both individual and bulk orders at affordable prices. Almost everyone buys t-shirts, including businesses, athletes, students, families, and individuals.
  • Hoodies. This is one of the most popular clothing items during autumn and winter because it keeps people warm from the cold weather. Creating an impact in the market requires keeping up with design trends in these cold seasons. 
  • Sweatshirts. It’s also a best seller during the cold season, but it is more versatile than hoodies. Once again, you have to rely on your creativity to be successful in this product.
  • Tank Tops. This is one of the most popular clothing items during summer because they keep people cool and comfortable from the heat. It’s a must-have for active people such as athletes and workers. If you combine the right design with a comfortable fabric, it will surely sell well.
  • Long Sleeves. This clothing item has a big potential for your business. It’s popular during summer and winter because it helps keep people warm from the cold or protect them from burns due to hot weather.
  • Bottoms. Leggings are the most popular bottom items. It’s made of a stretchy and thick fabric that makes it perfect for day-to-day use. The demand is high because people can wear them under shorts or dresses, making them versatile and popular among women.

Kid’s Clothing & Accessories

Print-on-demand products for children are a relatively new but ever-growing market. The strategy to thrive here is to sell to parents who are looking for unique and trendy designs. They might be willing to pay a little more than the cost of regular kid’s accessories since they want something that looks cool, fashionable, or cute.

  • Baby Bodysuits. This is one of the most promising print-on-demand products for your online store. New parents are always looking for unique and trendy designs to dress their babies because they want to document their baby’s first days through photos. Be prepared to sell a wide range of sizes since babies grow very fast.
  • Baby Accessories. This includes headbands, socks, and hats. These products are usually sold as a set, so you only need to get your stock ready once because the order will include several items.

Home & Living

The saying “style reflects attitude and personality” also applies to personalized items at home as custom orders and gifts. That is why print-on-demand homeware is an industry prominent to earning individuals. Be creative when designing these products because customers mainly buy them for their uniqueness and superior designs.

People will buy your products as long as they reflect their characters, so expect customers to have their designs prepared before buying your products. They will also appreciate these as gifts because they are personalized with their names or quotes, even if the price is a little high.

You can attract customers with a tight budget by offering bulk orders that cut the price, but you need to give your clients enough time for the order. Make sure your print provider uses high-quality materials in producing your prints.

  • Mugs. These print-on-demand products sell well because it can be personalized with many designs to choose from. Many of them are ideal as gifts to your family and friends because they can put their names or quotes on the design. Mugs sell well both online and offline so that you won’t have problems marketing this product.
  • Canvas. This homeware design is famous among young people because they can put their photos as a background. It’s ideal for hanging on their room or dorm so they will feel happier and more motivated during their day. This print-on-demand product sells well in school supplies, online stores, and art stores.
  • Posters. Customers buy this item because it’s ideal for showing their photos or quotes. There are standard sizes that customers can choose from to fit their needs. You can prepare design templates here or use what’s available on your print provider’s designs.
  • Metal Prints. This product is ideal for your business if you want to get high-profit margins. You can offer this as housewarming gifts because it looks like a typical canvas but with finishes that fit any room’s interior design. Metal prints sell well in online stores like Amazon or eBay, but they are also popular in interior and home decoration shops, especially near universities.
  • Tapestries. The demand for tapestries remains despite the increase of digital items at present. Buyers love to hang these on walls or windows in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, homes, offices, even dormitories, so having designs that pop out is a must for a print-on-demand seller.
  • Aprons. Kitchen items are always popular among homeowners because they need these in cooking and baking. They can wear them when doing home chores or even as costumes to add color to parties. You can give your clients a fun-filled experience with this item because customers also buy it outside of kitchen use.
  • Ornaments. People want to fill their living rooms with custom decorations above tables and shelves as statement items and luxuries. Your customers want to find designs that match their home or office style, so the quality should pay off the earning potential for this product with unique designs.
  • Blankets. You can sell these products with designs printed on them at home furnishings online stores, especially during winter when households are more likely to buy these blankets. People also like buying lighter blankets during the hot summer season to spend more time outdoors than indoors.
  • Beach Towels. This print-on-demand product sells well if your designs fit the preferences of young adults and children. Visiting the beach is a favorite activity among people, especially during summer. So, expect requests to purchase these items in the beach seasons of the year.
  • Pillow Covers. These are ideal for young adults and children who want to create a colorful and personalized look in their bedrooms, dorms, study rooms, and offices. 
  • Wine Holder. Who doesn’t want to drink a glass of wine every night with their loved ones? This product sells well in the home bar niche, so be careful about how you design this item and present it to your clients.
  • Door Hangers. These print-on-demand products are ideal for business owners whose businesses operate in physical locations like stores or shops. You need an eye-catching design so potential clients can easily find their business along streets where competitor establishments are available nearby.


A clothing style is not complete without matching accessories. You can sell these accessories in your online store to complement the outfits of your customers. You should check on the latest designs in fashion trends to know what people want to wear. These items sell well both online and offline, making them a profitable business for you.

  • Hats. This remains one of the most popular accessories in the industry because it is not only used to complement any outfit but also protects the head from temperature, sunlight, and rain when you’re outdoors. Customers who buy hats are typically sports fans, couples, outdoor enthusiasts, and travelers.
  • Tote Bags. This is a popular print-on-demand product among students and people who go to the beach or shopping. Your designs should be versatile yet attractive to help people easily customize their bags.

Why you should choose Awkward Styles

There are many print providers out there, and it’s hard to tell which one is right for you. Some have great prices, but their quality might not be good enough for what you’re trying to do. Awkward Styles offers both high-quality printing and customer service in addition to competitive prices that will help you get the most out of print-on-demand. You want your customers coming back time after time – even if the order only consists of a single t-shirt! This print provider has a balance that provides easy, fast, and helpful deals for businesses seeking a print provider.

Enjoy these benefits when partnering with Awkward Styles:

  • Offers over 100 customizable print-on-demand products. Having several items to choose from is important for your customers. It provides them with more opportunities to show their styles of clothing and home. Bringing versatility to your store also reaches more buying audiences.
  • User-friendly mockup generator. To help your customers get the best product, they must create their own design from scratch. The mockup generator makes this easy for them, especially if they have little to no experience with Photoshop or other photo editing software. There are several designs already available here, so all you need to do is add yours!
  • No order minimums. Some print-on-demand websites require a certain number of items to be ordered before you can receive your order. This is not the case with Awkward Styles; you can just place one item and get it shipped anywhere in the world.
  • Integrations: Shopify, Etsy, Woocommerce, Order Desk, Awkward Styles API. If you already have an eCommerce website, you can integrate your Awkward Styles account with it. You don’t need to worry about transferring your customer data because you will have the same customer accounts on your website and theirs.
  • Shop synchronization and print-on-demand product configuration. All print-on-demand products are synced with your store to easily import your ready listings from your online store to our platform. You will be able to manage them simultaneously since any changes you make on our mockup generator will also reflect in your store.
  • 24/7 email support. If you need help with managing and using your account, the Awkward Styles team is always available to answer your questions through email or phone calls.
  • Lower shipping prices. Shipping can be costly, especially when shipping internationally. But with this print provider, orders are affordable for your customers and your business because of lowered shipping prices.
  • Design galleries. You don’t have to worry about not having enough designs to choose from. When you create an account with Awkward Styles, you will have access to their design gallery, which already has thousands of images and graphics that can be used as the base for your designs.
  • White labeling. You don’t have to worry about having your own brand because this print provider can accommodate you with white labeling. They will take care of the production and delivery of print-on-demand products for your orders without requiring your precious time.

You already have everything you need to start your POD business. What’s next?

Print-on-demand is something that you should consider doing for your business. They say that it’s the future of book and merchandise manufacturing. But if you can see customized and personalized products everywhere, you can say that this future is now.

Ready to start your own successful POD business? Everything you need is already explained above. You can get started today by following the tips and steps in this article. Best of luck!

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