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2 Kids Next To Each Other Wearing Supasoft's SU7000Y Jersey Youth T-Shirt Premium

If you’re looking for a high-quality t-shirt that is perfect both for print-on-demand purposes and for stylish youth at the same time, the SU7000Y Jersey Youth T-shirt Premium by Supasoft Apparel will complete your quest. This kid’s t-shirt is made with soft and durable fabric and is engineered for direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. Supasoft’s SU7000Y has a flattering fit that is universally appealing in all sizes. It will keep up with a child’s boundless energy and ever-evolving sense of style.

Main Keypoints:

  • The SU7000Y Jersey T-shirt Premium by Supasoft Apparel is a high-quality choice for printing, tailored to meet the needs of both print-on-demand and stylish youth.
  • This youth-focused garment offers a comfortable, flattering fit, catering to sizes from S to XL, and ages 6 to 18.
  • The fabric is designed for direct-to-garment (DTG), Direct-To-Film (DTF), and others, and offers resistance to shrinkage, ensuring long-lasting, high-quality custom apparel.
  • Exceptional moisture absorbency ensures vivid prints that won’t fade or crack over time.
  • The fabric choices include 100% cotton solids and a durable Athletic Heather option with 90% cotton and 10% viscose.

What is the SU7000Y Youth T-shirt Premium?

Folded Supasoft's SU7000Y Jersey Youth T-Shirt Premium Multiple Colors

When it comes to youth apparel, style, and comfort are of utmost importance. SU7000Y Youth T-shirt Premium, a youth-focused garment, is a testimony to Supasoft’s commitment to providing our younger wearers with nothing less than the best in style and comfort. The t-shirt features a flattering fit that is comfortable and stylish. It is also available in a variety of colors, each chosen to allow for designs printed on them to appear perfectly.

The SU7000Y Youth T-Shirt Premium comes in four sizes: S, M, L, and XL. The following table shows the size recommendations for each age:

  • S > 6-8 y/o
  • M > 10-12 y/o
  • L > 14-16 y/o
  • XL > 16-18 y/o

These are just size recommendations. The best way to determine the correct size for a child is to measure their chest and height, then check the size guide provided on our product page to find the best fit.

Why should you choose the SU7000Y Youth T-shirt Premium?

2 Kids showing themselves wearing Supasoft's SU7000Y Jersey Youth T-Shirt Premium

If you’re a POD seller, you understand that offering top-notch products to your customers is your priority. The SU7000Y is a fantastic choice for a few key reasons.

It’s all about comfort when it comes to clothing. Supasoft’s youth t-shirt offers a lightweight, cozy feel that’s perfect for active kids on a day at school, a playdate, or any other daily adventure they may find themselves in. It is designed with the softest ringspun jersey cotton, promising an unparalleled level of comfort while being durable and breathable. The SU7000Y Youth T-shirt is ideal for everyday wear.

The youth-focused sizing is another great feature. SU7000Y Premium Youth Tshirt is available in sizes from S (6-8) to XL (16-18) and caters to the demands of kids along with young adults. It offers a comfortable and stylish fit.

Last, but not least the fabric used for SU7000Y Youth T-shirt Premium is designed specifically for perfect printing results, avoiding ink migration. This fabric provides an excellent base for vibrant, high-quality custom prints while allowing your designs to endure longer and better after daily use and wash. 

The fabric choices provided by Supasoft Apparel add a layer of versatility to your POD offerings. For those who prefer a natural and breathable feel, the solids are made of 100% cotton. For those seeking added durability and style to carry their designs, the Athletic Heather color option combines 90% cotton with 10% viscose.

You can find the SU7000Y Youth T-Shirt Premium here.

Extraordinary Fabric Selection

2 Kids holding each other Supasoft's SU7000Y Jersey Youth T-Shirt Premium

When it comes to the SU7000Y Youth T-shirt Premium, the choice of fabric is a testament to Supasoft Apparel’s commitment to printing perfection. Two key aspects of the fabric used in this premium youth T-shirt are its quality and its ability to minimize dye migration.

High-Quality Fabric for SU7000Y Jersey Youth T-Shirt

Clothing for young wearers needs to withstand the rigors of daily life. The SU7000Y is crafted from 30 single ringspun jersey cotton, boasting a weight of 4.3 oz (145gsm). This combination not only delivers a soft and comfortable feel but also ensures exceptional durability. The design elements such as the 28-gauge construction, 1×1 ribbed collar, 1.0″ 2nd sleeve, and bottom hems further contribute to the T-shirt’s longevity. The SU7000Y jersey T-shirt for children will maintain its quality, comfort, and shape even after numerous wear and wash cycles.

Limiting Dye Migration in Fabric

During custom printing, minimizing dye migration is a significant concern. The SU7000Y addresses this concern well. Thanks to its fabric composition, this kids’ t-shirt offers superior printability, engineered for Direct-to-Garment (DTG) customization. Its construction provides a stable and reliable base for custom designs. This means that when you personalize the SU7000Y with vibrant graphics, intricate patterns, or bold colors, they will stay true to their intended appearance, wash after wash. The fabric’s inherent moisture absorbency also sets new industry standards, ensuring that dyes remain vivid and consistent.

The exceptional fabric choices of the SU7000Y Youth T-shirt Premium showcase Supasoft Apparel’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. This T-shirt is not just about comfort and style; it’s a canvas for your customers’ creativity that will last for a long time. The SU7000Y t-shirt is the ideal choice to meet the needs of a POD seller or a parent looking for top-quality youth apparel.

Engineered For Printing Techniques

The SU7000Y Youth T-shirt Premium from Supasoft Apparel is the ultimate canvas for printing endeavors, meticulously crafted to meet any custom design needs. With its unrivaled fabric quality and construction, this youth t-shirt stands out as the perfect choice for high-quality printing.

One of the standout features of the SU7000Y is its exceptional resistance to shrinkage. This t-shirt is engineered to keep shrinkage under 3%. It’s the assurance of long-lasting, high-quality custom apparel that your customers will appreciate.

But what truly sets this T-shirt apart is its remarkable moisture absorbency. This feature not only enhances wearer comfort but also plays a vital role in the adhesion of inks and dyes. The result is clear, vivid prints that won’t fade or crack over time. The prints on this garment will stand the test of time.

The SU7000Y Jersey Youth T-shirt Premium is the go-to choice for POD sellers and printing businesses alike. It seamlessly combines quality fabric, printability, and resistance to shrinkage. This not only ensures style and comfort but also safeguards the brilliance of your printed designs. SU7000Y T-Shirt for kids is the perfect surface for your creative and printing endeavors. This t-shirt for children is the choice you can rely on when you want to deliver striking and enduring prints.


Unfolded Supasoft's SU7000Y Jersey Youth T-Shirt Premium Multiple Colors

The SU7000Y Youth T-shirt Premium for Youth by Supasoft Apparel is the perfect choice for POD sellers and creative printers alike. Made with high-quality materials and engineered for printing, it is resistant to shrinkage. This t-shirt features superior moisture absorbency, ensuring that your custom designs will remain clear and vibrant over time. The SU7000Y’s youth-focused sizing and style-enhancing features guarantee a perfect fit for young wearers. The SU7000Y is a versatile and dependable choice for those looking to provide top-quality youth apparel.

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