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POD guide for easter

It’s almost April, which means that Easter is just around the corner! For many families and individuals, this Christian feast is a time of celebration and remembrance. And for print-on-demand businesses like yours, it’s a great opportunity to be proactive and connect with more people through some amazing Easter-themed designs, products, and awesome marketing strategies!

What Exactly Is Easter and Why Is It Celebrated?

Before we get into the fun stuff, let’s take a quick look at what Easter is all about. Easter is celebrated annually on the first Sunday following the full moon after the vernal equinox. It commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead and is considered by Christians to be one of the most important holidays of the year.

While there are many different ways to celebrate Easter, for many people it’s a time for gathering with family and friends, exchanging gifts, enjoying special meals and treats, and of course, hunting for Easter eggs!

Why Step Up Your Easter Game This Year?

Easter Holiday Celebration

As we mentioned earlier, Easter is a major holiday for Christians all around the world. And with that in mind, it’s no surprise that many people are looking for unique and special products to commemorate the occasion. But in case you’re still not quite convinced, here are a few more reasons to give your Easter game a boost this year:

People Are Willing To Spend Money on Easter

According to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) survey in the previous year, consumers were projected to spend $179.70 on average for the celebration. Their top planned expenditures included the following:

  • Candies- 89%
  • Food- 88%
  • Gifts- 64%
  • Easter Greeting Cards- 50%
  • Decorations- 48%

The said survey also reveals that over 79% of US citizens were looking forward to celebrating the holiday, even during the pandemic.

2022 Expects Fewer Pandemic-Related Mandates

Because the said figures were from the previous year, you can expect that this year’s spending would be even higher as Easter is now less overshadowed by pandemic-related mandates such as lockdowns and flight or travel restrictions.

With the COVID situation slowly stabilizing, many people are eager to resume their usual activities and celebrations. Easter is definitely one of those events that will be welcomed with open arms by everyone!

It’s the Perfect Time To Introduce Your Spring Sales

Easter Sales

Because Easter falls during the spring season, it’s the perfect time to introduce your spring sales and promotions. You can also take this opportunity to unveil your Easter-themed designs and teasers for your summer collections since the season will be kicking off soon afterwards!

You’ll Never Run Out of Design Ideas for the Easter

That’s right! Easter is one of those holidays where you can really let your creativity shine through with fun and festive designs. From bunnies and chicks to eggs and flowers, there are just so many things to work with!

Easter Is A Great Opportunity To Connect With New Customers

Special events like Easter are a great opportunity to connect with new customers and strengthen relationships with your current ones. Not only can you make your brand more visible to your target audience, but you can also show them that you’re dedicated to catering to their needs and wants.

How To Boost Your Marketing Efforts This Easter?

Now, it’s time to finally get into the more challenging yet exciting stuff—planning your Easter marketing campaign! If you’re not quite sure where to start, fret not. We’ve got you covered with some tips and ideas that are guaranteed to help you boost your marketing efforts this Easter!

Create an Easter Themed Landing Page

Easter themes may improve the results of your marketing campaigns.

Your Easter-themed landing page is a great way to introduce your brand and products to potential customers. It can also be used as a hub for all of your Easter-related content, from blog posts to product listings.

Make sure that your page is designed in a way that’s visually appealing and easy to navigate, and don’t forget to utilize SEO keywords and phrases to ensure that it ranks high in search engine results pages! This will help you attract more traffic to your site and increase your chances of boosting sales.

Launch Seasonal Products

Timely seasonal products do improve sales.

Of course, one of the best ways to get into the Easter spirit is by launching seasonal products that are related to the holiday. This could be anything from Easter-themed clothing and accessories to home decorations and party supplies.

You can also take this opportunity to revamp some of your older products with an Easter twist. This will help increase visibility for your brand and attract more customers.

Setup Easter Email Campaigns

Yes, email campaigns do work and they’re definitely a powerful marketing tool. In fact, according to Oberlo, 81% of small and medium-sized businesses still use emails as their main form of marketing communication and acquiring customers. Furthermore, it is found that for every dollar spent on email marketing, the average return of investment is $36 (Litmus). Hence, sending your prospects and existing customers Easter-themed emails may potentially result in a huge ROI for your business!

Run a Digital Easter Egg Hunt

This is where the fun begins! A digital Easter egg hunt is a great way to engage your target audience and increase website traffic. You can hide Easter eggs around your site, on certain product descriptions, and images.

When customers find the eggs, they can then click on them to be taken to a landing page where they can enter their email address to receive a special Easter offer or discount. This is a great way to increase your subscriber list and boost sales at the same time!

Make the Most of Your Social Media Pages

Social media does follow easter and other seasonal holidays.

Of course, let’s not forget about social media! This is a great way to get your Easter marketing campaign in front of a wider audience. You can create special Easter-themed graphics, IG stories, and even TikTok videos. Just don’t forget to use the appropriate hashtags so that your content can be easily found by potential customers.

According to, these are some of the top Easter hashtags that you can use to boost your reach:

  • #easter
  • #easterbunny
  • #happyeaster
  • #eastereggs
  • #eastersunday

Ask Your Followers About Their Easter Plans

Another way to utilize your social media pages and connect with your target audience is by asking your followers about their Easter plans. Try posting prompts and get a conversation going in the comments section. This is a great way to engage with your customers and get to know them on a personal level!

Some Easter Design Ideas for Your Products

Now that we’ve gone over some general marketing tips, let’s get into some specifics. Below are some Easter design ideas that you can use to create your own Easter collection!

Family Easter Shirts

Because Easter is a perfect time to bond with family, why not create some fun Easter-themed shirts that every member of the family can wear? For example, you can make a set of shirt designs that say, “Mama Bunny”, “Daddy Bunny”, “Baby Bunny” etc. This is a great way to appeal to families who are looking to celebrate the holiday together.

Religious Easter Designs

Of course, Easter is still a religious holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Therefore, you can also create Christian-themed designs that talk about the meaning of Easter. You can also create merch designs with Bible verses or quotes about hope and faith.

Witty & Funny Easter Lines

You’ll never go wrong with a bit of humor! Try coming up with some puns or visual gags that relate to Easter. For example, you can make a shirt design with a line that says, “Some Bunny Loves You” or “Hoppy Easter!”. These types of designs are perfect for people who want to add a bit of personality to their Easter wardrobe.

Child-Friendly Easter Bunny, Egg, and Pastel-colored Designs

Children are always a huge part of Easter! As such, you can create some adorable designs that will capture their attention. For example, you can create bunny-themed designs with lots of colorful Easter eggs or make shirts that have cute sayings like “Bunny Hug!” These types of designs are perfect for parents who want to dress their kids up in something Easter-themed.

Also, remember to use pastel or light colors for your Easter designs as these match the overall theme and feel of the holiday.

Which Products Should You Sell This Easter?

There’s really no wrong answer when it comes to what products you should sell this Easter. However, you should also consider which ones are most popular during this time of year so you can capitalize on the demand. Here are some products that always do well during Easter:

  • Decorations such as posters, banners, and wall decals
  • Tote bags
  • T-shirts
  • Baby onesies
  • Mugs (for hot chocolate!)

You can also add facemasks to this list as people are still being cautious about the pandemic. Just make sure to create designs that are cheerful and festive!

Ready to Hop Into Easter?

POD products for easter holidays.

As a print-on-demand business owner, Easter is a great opportunity to showcase your creativity and connect with your audience on a deeper level. And while it can be challenging to come up with products and campaigns that really speak to the holiday, what’s important is that you get to make people experience the Easter spirit even through the subtlest of designs. So go ahead, start working on your Easter collection today and let Awkward Styles handle the rest of the printing and shipping for you! We wish you a Happy Easter!

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