Why Is Bella+Canvas 3001 So Popular?

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Looking for the next tee to add to your collection? Well, the Bella+Canvas 3001 must be on your radar. This POD-favorite tee has been a top seller for years and there’s no slowing down. And if you’re still on the fence about this must-have tee, we’re here to make decision-making a little easier for you.

Features of Bella+Canvas 3001

white bella and canvas shirt on a woman

While this unisex jersey tee may look like a simple shirt at first glance, it’s actually has a lot to brag about in terms of quality and construction. Here are just some of Bella+Canvas 3001’s features we know you and your customers will love:

100% Airlume Combed & Ringspun Cotton

One feature that sets Bella+Canvas 3001 apart from the rest is that it’s made of 100% Airlume combed and ringspun cotton. Unlike your typical ringspun and carded cotton tees, Bella+Canvas uses an exclusive combing process that makes their fabric softer without sacrificing strength or durability. This also makes the Bella+Canvas 3001 much lighter, making it a comfortable option for hot summer days or layering during cooler months.

Retail Fit

The Bella+Canvas 3001 has a retail fit, meaning it’s slightly fitted but not too snug. This is a happy medium between boxy, oversized tees and slim-fit styles and ensures that the tee flatters a range of body types.

Unisex Sizing

The Bella+Canvas 3001 is available in gender-neutral sizing, making it a great option for both men and women. This also makes reordering a breeze since you won’t have to keep track of separate men’s and women’s sizes.

Tear Away Label

Of course, this is a must-have feature for any POD-ready tee. The tear away label on the Bella+Canvas 3001 makes it easy to remove and replace with your own custom label without damaging the shirt.

Shoulder Taping

Shoulder taping is a construction detail that adds strength and durability to the tee while also giving it a more polished look. This makes the Bella+Canvas 3001 a great option for those looking for a more high-end shirt.

Side Seamed

Side seams give shirts a more tailored look and feel as opposed to tubular fit. This also makes the Bella+Canvas 3001 more durable and less likely to tear, especially during the printing and design process.

Ribbed Knit Crew Neck

The ribbed knit crew neck on the Bella+Canvas 3001 is a classic detail that never goes out of style. Thus, making this tee a timeless piece that people would want to keep in their wardrobe for years to come.

What Makes it Exceptional?

green bella+canvas 3001 tshirt on a man

The Bella+Canvas 3001 has earned its spot as a customer and fan favorite for good reason. And apart from the features we’ve already mentioned, there are a few more reasons why this tee is exceptional.

It Guarantees Extra Comfort

Because of its 100% Airlume combed and ringspun cotton construction, the Bella+Canvas 3001 is one of the softest tees on the market. Unlike the standard cotton tee, it’s also lighter and more breathable, making it an irresistible option for those who need a tee that can keep them cool and comfortable all day long.

Fits Like It’s Tailored Just for You

Because of its retail fit and unisex sizing, the Bella+Canvas 3001 fits like it’s been tailored just for you. No more boxy, oversized tees or slim-fit styles that are uncomfortably slinky. The Bella+Canvas 3001 hits the sweet spot between the two for a fit that’s flattering, comfortable, and easy to wear.

It’s a Wardrobe Staple

Because of its classic look and intricate details such as shoulder taping, and the ribbed knit crew neck, the Bella+Canvas 3001 is a must-have wardrobe staple. It’s the kind of tee that looks good with everything and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

It’s a Great Canvas for Your Designs

What makes the Bella+Canvas 3001 perfect for print-on-demand businesses is that it’s a great canvas for your designs. Its fabric is smooth and even, making it easy to print on, and its colors ensure that your designs will pop. Plus, with its tear away label, your brand will be front and center.

You Get a Wide Variety of Colors To Choose From

With over 10 colors to choose from, the Bella+Canvas 3001 has a shade to suit every taste. From its classic black and white options to its more eye-catching shades like Kelly Green and True Royal Blue, there’s a Bella+Canvas 3001 tee for everyone.

It Suits the Needs of Different Market Segments

The Bella+Canvas 3001 is popular with a wide range of market segments, from fashion-savvy millennials to office professionals who are into layered looks. Its unisex sizing and versatile look also make it a foolproof option for just about anyone.

How to Position Bella+Canvas 3001 in Your Store?

This isn’t your average tee, and it deserves to be showcased as such in your store. Here are a few tips on how you can position this shirt to make it a bestseller.

Highlight The Comfort Factor

As mentioned, it’s is one of the most comfortable tees people would find on the market. And because comfort is key for many shoppers, it’s important to highlight this factor when marketing Bella+Canvas 3001 that carries your precious designs. You can do this by using phrases like “extra soft,” “breathable,” and “lightweight” in your product descriptions and social media posts.

Showcase The Tee’s Versatility

While you may already have an idea of how you want people to style your Bella+Canvas 3001 tee, it’s important to remember that shoppers like to have options. So, in addition to highlighting how you would style the shirt, it’s also a good idea to showcase how versatile it is. You can do this by featuring it in a variety of outfits and looks on your website and social media pages.

Who Should You Sell Bella+Canvas 3001 To?

military green bella+canvas 3001 shirt on woman

The Bella+Canvas 3001 is the perfect tee for anyone who’s looking for style, comfort, and quality. But because it’s such a versatile shirt, it’s especially popular with the following market segments:

Athletes & Sports Enthusiasts

Because of its breathable and extra soft fabric, the Bella+Canvas 3001 is a favorite amongst athletes and sports enthusiasts. It’s also a great option for local or school sports teams who are looking for affordable, high-quality shirts they can customize with their logos.

Fitness Professionals & Trainers

Its fit and style make the Bella+Canvas 3001 a popular choice for fitness professionals and trainers who want to look good while they work out. It’s also a hit with fitness enthusiasts who appreciate its comfort and breathability.

Healthcare Professionals

That’s right! Even healthcare professionals would find the Bella+Canvas 3001 to be an ideal choice. Because of its light and comfy fabric, layering it under scrubs is a breeze. It’s also a great option for those who work in hot environments and need something to help them stay cool.

Stylish Men and Women Who Crave for Comfort

This figure-flattering tee is also popular with stylish men and women who crave comfort. They can wear it with classic jeans, or they can dress it up with a blazer or scarf without having to endure the discomfort that comes with wearing stiff and stuffy clothes.

Couples Who Love To Coordinate Their Outfits

Finally, this tee is also a popular choice for couples who love to coordinate their outfits. Thanks to its unisex sizing, both men and women can enjoy its flattering fit. And with a wide range of colors to choose from, they can easily find the shade that best matches their desired look.

Get Your Designs Ready for Bella+Canvas 3001

print on demand bella+canvas 3001 tshirts, best print on demand tshirts

Whether you’re looking for a tee for your next batch of statement shirt designs or you’re starting a line of athleisure wear, the Bella+Canvas 3001 is a great option. Your customers will love its comfort, style, and quality, and you’ll love how easy it is to sell.

So what are you waiting for? Start designing and let Awkward Styles bring your vision to life with over 150 customizable print on demand products!

Watch our YouTube product review for a more dynamic explanation of Bella+Canvas’s features!

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