Hot POD Products to Sell During the Summer

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If you own a print-on-demand powered business, summer’s the perfect time to give your dear customers such an amazing experience. And there’s no better way to do that than expanding your online store’s product catalog and launching your own summer merch. To help you get started, we’ve listed down all the hot, trendy POD products that will surely boost your sales this 2023!

A Quick Dive Into Print on Demand

Haven’t you taken the plunge yet? Well, if you’re still in the process of thinking about whether you should start your own online business or not, we’re here to give you that much-needed push.

Sure, setting up an online store and selling merch such as apparel, jewelry, accessories, and home decor may seem too intimidating. This is especially true if you’ll be starting your venture with a limited budget or as a side hustle. But thanks to print on demand, you can actually open your very own online store without having to shell out money you’re not sure you’ll ever earn back. 

Print-on-demand takes away the burden of having to prepare an inventory and deal with fulfillment. With a print-on-demand partner like Awkward Styles, you can just focus on running your online store and designing your products. All you’ll have to do is connect your store’s site to your POD partner’s system, and they’ll take care of everything once the orders come in–from printing to shipping the products to your customer’s doorsteps!

Top Products To Sell During Summer

Ready to sell your own print-on-demand products this summer? Here are some of our best picks that may just be the perfect pieces for your collection:

Clothing Items 

Summer is the best time to flex your gains (whether they’re abs or extra belly rolls 🤭). Thus, cool and stylish outfits are a must! Here are some clothing pieces you might want to offer your shoppers:

Women’s Flowy Cropped Tee

Women’s Flowy Cropped Tee, print on demand cropped tee

This flowy cropped shirt by Bella + Canvas will surely be a stunner, whether you’re wearing a pair of sexy shorts or those elegantly draping square pants. It can serve as a great cover-up for swimsuits such as two-piece bras for when you’re chilling at the beach.

This is perfect for POD stores that cater to a young female market, such as the fashion-savvy Gen Zes or young adults who like to show that laid-back, yet sultry side to their personality. 

Men’s and Women’s Tank Tops

Men’s and Women’s Tank Tops, print on demand tanktops, POD tank tops, POD summer products

Got some bold, playful design ideas in mind? These tank tops are your perfect canvas! This Unisex Jersey Tank from Bella + Canvas would make a great addition to your summer collection, especially since your online store caters to men of different builds and sizes. Plus, the design area is quite big, so you can fill it with your silliest and most colorful designs.

Meanwhile, this Women’s Softstyle Tank Top by Gildan will surely earn your female shoppers’ love because of its flattering drape, making them feel confident with every move. It’s the ideal piece for your big, summer-y designs and even the more subtle ones, such as summer-related phrases and quotes. 

Unisex Vintage Shorts

Unisex Vintage Shorts, Lane Seven vintage shorts, cotton shorts, print on demand shorts

Another summer perfect piece that screams style and comfort is this pair of Unisex Vintage Shorts by Lane Seven. They come in different colors, such as Vintage Mustard, Vintage Olive, Vintage Camel, and more. They would be perfect for collections with the vintage summer vibe, such as shirts with Warhol-inspired design styles and those with big logos or names of popular beaches. You can design these vintage shorts with your online store’s logo or even personalize them for your customer and put some summer twist by adding elements like a coconut tree or waves at the bottom. 

Outdoor Accessories 

Summer is all about having fun under the sun. And that means exploring the outdoors!

But admit it; it’s hard to enjoy the sun’s scorching heat when you’re not entirely comfortable. Well, here are some accessories that can definitely beat that!

Beach Towels

print on demand towels, POD towels, custom towels

Whether you’re strolling by the beach or chilling after swimming, a comfy beach towel can be a lifesaver. Not only do they help you dry up, but they also protect your precious skin from the sun. These towels by Terry Town would make an excellent addition to your summer collections with playful color tones and big designs that radiate the summer vibe, such as watermelons, flamingoes, seashells, and pineapples!

Foam Trucker Cap

custom foam trucker hats, print on demand hats

Another great weapon to beat that heat while looking stylish is this Foam Trucker Cap by Valucap. You can design the front panel with phrases or words that scream summer or create your own design templates and let your customers personalize them by putting their nicknames or initials with your design. 


print on demand aprons, custom aprons

Aprons? For the summer? Why not?

BBQ parties and get-togethers are a summer thing. And if you want to offer your customers something a ‘lil different, you can design some summer-y aprons which they can use as they prep their fave dishes for their loved ones and friends. These aprons also make a great canvas as you have so much room to place your designs on.

Travel Accessories 

Traveling to beaches and other excellent attractions is another summer thing. And you can make this experience for your shoppers a more convenient one by offering them these products in your collection!

Jumbo Tote Bags

custom summer tote bags, canvas tote bags

This Jumbo Tote by OAD New York can definitely carry both your customers’ valuables and your brand with style. Its large print area lets you explore with different summer design elements and colors as if you’re designing an actual canvas! Plus, you can bundle it with your other summer merch as tumblers and beach towels.

Cold Cup Tumblers

custom tumblers, custom cold cup tumblers, print on demand tumbler

Whether you’re still in your iced coffee lover era or you simply want some refreshing iced tea to accompany you by the beach, having a cold cup tumbler is a must! What’s great is, you can get creative as you wish with these tumblers. For instance, you can make a design that shows the measurement or levels of water or a summer version of your store’s logo with eye-catching, bold colors. 

Home Decor Items 

Summer may be all about having fun under the sun, but you can also offer something to your shoppers who plan on doing some home revamps or decorations for the new season!

Throw Pillow Covers

customized pillow covers, print on demand pillow

Throw pillow covers can be a nice canvas for your summer designs, whether they’re repeating patterns or texts with a summer-y background. They’re great for online stores that cater to adults and young adults in their mid-20s up who find joy in decorating their spaces.


custom blanket, print on demand kids blanket

If you’re offering pillow covers in your collection, why not throw in some blankets as well? These oh-so-soft and comfy microfleece blankets would be more enjoyable with cutesy patterns or playful drawings.

Wall Arts

custom wall art, print on demand wall art, custom tapestry, print on demand tapestry

Wall art such as tapestries, can set the vibe in any room! They’re great for massive designs that could serve as the main attraction in your home’s living room or bedroom. You can offer these art pieces with limited edition designs or personalize them for your clients with edited versions of their own photos or a calligraphy of their names. 

Choosing the Right Designs for Your Summer Collection

Found the right products for your summer collections? Awesome! Now, let’s move on to designing!

Here are some design elements you might want to consider:

Summer-Themed Symbols and Icons

Summer-themed designs such as beaches, waves, sunsets, palm trees, and fruits never go out of style. You can always mix and match these elements or choose one that would serve as your design’s highlight or main element. 

Bright and Bold Colors

Depending on your branding and your vision for your collection, you can opt for soft, pastel colors or louder ones with bold tones. The key is to make sure your products stand out when they are worn or used by your shoppers as they enjoy the sun outside!

You can check out these summer color palettes by PlaceIt for some inspo.

Print on Demand Made Fun With Awkward Styles

Now, you’re probably more than ready to start working on your summer collection. But to make things much more enjoyable, you might want to look for a POD partner who can give you a stress-free experience.

Well, Awkward Styles has got your back! With our free mockup generator, extensive product catalog, and 24/7 email support, you can rest assured your business has everything it needs. Plus, we’ll ensure your products are printed only with great quality and that your customers get them just in time for their summer escapade!

Ready for Your Hottest Summer Yet?

And that’s a wrap! We hope this article has helped you determine the POD products that should make it to your summer collection. With your fabulous designs and a POD partner you can trust, you’re definitely about to experience the most exciting summer in your business yet!

For more e-commerce and print-on-demand tips and tricks, check out our blog!

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