How to Sell Product Bundles on Shopify With Print on Demand

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With the countless promos in the e-commerce world every single day, it’s a must for online store owners to find unique and effective strategies to stand out from the competition. One strategy that has gained significant popularity is selling product bundles on Shopify with print-on-demand (POD). Combining the convenience and scalability of Shopify with the flexibility and customization options of print-on-demand services, this approach lets store owners offer a set of merch that will make their customers hit the checkout button in a snap.

This blog post will explore the ins and outs of selling product bundles on Shopify using print-on-demand services. We will delve into the benefits of this strategy, discuss the steps involved in creating and marketing product bundles, and provide valuable tips to maximize your success. Whether you’re a seasoned Shopify merchant looking to diversify your offerings or a newcomer interested in exploring the world of e-commerce, this guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to get started. Let’s get right into it!

What are Product Bundles?

Product bundles are a marketing strategy where two or more related products are packaged and sold together as a single offering. By combining complementary items or variations of the same product, merchants can create value for their customers and encourage larger purchases.

Product bundles offer several advantages for both merchants and customers. For merchants, bundles can help increase average order value, reduce the inventory of slow-moving items, and provide a competitive edge by offering unique combinations. Customers, on the other hand, benefit from cost savings, convenience, and the opportunity to discover new products they may have yet to consider purchasing individually.

Selling Product Bundles 101

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Now, how exactly do you sell your bundles on Shopify? Here are three ways:

Creating Special Listings for Your Bundles

If you’re quite certain of the bundles you’d like to sell, the most straightforward way is by creating a listing for each of these bundles. For instance, let’s say you’re selling a bundle of custom-designed T-shirts and a matching mug. You can create a dedicated product listing on Shopify that showcases the bundle as a single offering. This allows customers to easily find and purchase the bundle without having to search for individual products.

Using a Shopify App

There are also Shopify add-ins like Bold Bundles that make the process stressful and hassle-free for online sellers like you. And while these come with a price tag, they’re definitely worth checking out, especially if you plan on selling more bundles in the long run.

Bold Bundles “uses Shopify’s inventory management system so you can sell bundles without creating new variants for every bundled combination. You no longer need to pre-kit your bundles with new variants.”

Manually Configuring Your Bundles

Shopify offers two bundling options for sellers: fixed and customized bundles. If you’re a pro in navigating and using the platform, configuring these bundling methods should be a breeze. This how-to guide by Shopify has everything you need to know on how you can create and add the bundling function to your store and configure product API.

Some Tips on Selling Bundles With Print on Demand

Some Tips on Selling Bundles With Print on Demand, how to make product bundles on shopify

Ready to start selling bundles? Here are some tips to make sure you get to make the best out of it!

Make Sure Your Bundles Make Sense

You can’t just put together a bunch of random products and call it a bundle. It’s essential to create bundles that make sense and offer value to your customers. Here are some bundle types you can make:

Complementary Products

Select products that naturally complement each other. For example, if you’re selling custom-designed T-shirts, pairing them with matching hats or accessories would make a cohesive and appealing bundle.

Variation Bundles

If you offer products with variations, such as different colors, sizes, or designs, create bundles that allow customers to mix and match their preferred variations. This gives them the opportunity to customize their purchase and increases the perceived value of the bundle.

Theme-based Bundles

Create bundles around specific themes or occasions. For example, you can offer a bundle of astrology-themed products or a bundle for a particular holiday season. This adds a sense of exclusivity and relevance to your bundles, making them more appealing to customers.

Exclusive Bundles

Introduce limited-time or exclusive bundles to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity. This can be achieved by including limited edition or hard-to-find items in the bundle or offering a special discount for a limited period. Limited availability adds a unique value proposition and encourages customers to act quickly.

Find the Right Timing

That’s right. While you can sell bundles every day, there are perfect times for these kinds of promotions. Consider seasonal relevance by aligning your bundles with relevant holidays or events. You can also coordinate bundle releases with product launches to generate excitement or capitalize on popular shopping events for sales and promotions. 

The key is to analyze customer behavior to identify peak shopping times and optimize your bundle promotions accordingly. By strategically timing your promotions, you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and drive more sales for your Shopify store.

Promote, Promote, Promote

It’s crucial to invest in effective promotion strategies to maximize the success of your product bundles on Shopify. Utilize various marketing channels, such as your website, social media platforms, and email campaigns, to create awareness and generate excitement around your bundles. Showcase your bundles prominently on your website through banners or pop-ups, ensuring they catch the attention of visitors. Leverage the power of social media by creating captivating posts and engaging visuals that highlight the unique selling points of your bundles. 

Send targeted and personalized emails to your subscriber list, offering exclusive discounts or limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency. You may also consider collaborating with influencers or bloggers in your niche to reach a wider audience and gain credibility.

Print on Demand Items You Can Bundle

Print on Demand Items You Can Bundle, how to bundle POD products

Start creating your bundled offerings today! We’ve listed down some ideas you might want to consider adding to your catalog:

Home & Living Essentials

This is perfect for POD stores targeting moms or young adults who like to decorate their homey spaces. You can create bundles that include items such as custom-printed throw pillows, cozy blankets, wall art, and decorative accessories. For example, a “Boho Bliss Bundle” could feature a set of bohemian-inspired throw pillows, a macrame wall hanging, and a scented candle. 

Alternatively, you could offer a “Kitchen Delight Bundle” that includes printed tea towels, oven mitts, and mugs with coordinating designs. Be sure to tailor your bundles to specific themes, color schemes, or design styles to cater to different customer preferences.

Themed Merch

Cater to fans of specific movies, TV shows, video games, or sports teams by creating themed merch bundles. For example, a “Superhero Fanatic Bundle” could include a custom-printed t-shirt, a collectible figurine, and a themed mug. Consider partnering with licensors or collaborating with fan artists to offer exclusive designs and increase the appeal of your bundles. Tapping into popular fandoms lets you attract passionate fans who are eager to show their support through your themed merch bundles!

Clothes and Accessories

Fashion-forward customers love curated bundles that offer stylish clothing items and accessories. Create outfit ensembles by pairing custom-printed t-shirts with coordinating hats, scarves, or bags. For example, a “Weekend Vibes Bundle” could include a trendy graphic tee, a baseball cap, and a tote bag with a matching design. Provide different size options and allow customers to mix and match colors or designs to personalize their bundles and cater to their unique fashion tastes.

Couple and Friendship Jewelry

Appeal to customers looking for sentimental gifts or meaningful keepsakes by offering bundles of couple or friendship jewelry. Consider creating “His and Hers” bundles that include matching bracelets or necklaces with personalized engravings. Alternatively, offer a “Best Friends Forever Bundle” featuring two friendship bracelets or keychains with coordinating charms. By presenting these bundles as thoughtful gifts for loved ones, you tap into the emotional aspect of shopping and create a sense of connection with your customers.

Make Selling 10x Easier With Awkward Styles!

We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights and inspo to start selling product bundles with Print on Demand (POD) on Shopify. By utilizing the power of bundling, you can enhance customer experience, increase average order value, and differentiate your online store in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

To make your journey even more seamless, we recommend partnering with Awkward Styles as your reliable POD partner. We offer a wide range of customizable products, including clothing, accessories, home decor, and more. With high-quality printing, fast turnaround times, and exceptional customer service, Awkward Styles ensures that your bundled offerings will be produced and delivered to your customers with utmost professionalism and satisfaction!

For more print-on-demand and e-commerce tips and tricks, check out our blog!

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