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Main Keypoints:

  1. Upgrade Your Etsy Shop with Toolsy: Toolsy’s analytics and market research functions provide real-time insights into trends, competitive pricing, and bestselling products, helping you turn creativity into profit.
  2. Toolsy for SEO Optimization: Increase your Etsy shop’s visibility with Toolsy’s SEO optimization features. Connect with competitors, track keywords, and uncover the strategies behind successful listings. Toolsy empowers you to adapt quickly to changing trends and stay ahead in the competitive Etsy marketplace.
  3. Effortless Trend Catching and Product Optimization with Toolsy’s Extension: Seamlessly integrate Toolsy into your browsing experience with its extension. Instantly assess market demand, competition, and potential profits for new product ideas. Toolsy’s extension ensures you have a competitive edge, enabling you to build a successful Etsy business efficiently.
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Whether you are an experienced Etsy seller or haven’t even opened your shop yet, knowing what to sell is critical. Especially since the global pandemic, the popularity of Etsy and other online platforms has exploded. While the Etsy expansion provides many opportunities for buyers and sellers alike, it also means there’s a lot of competition for sales.

Generally, the best way to maximize your success on Etsy is to research what sells and at what price. Both product selection and pricing can be a delicate balance between maximizing sales and earning a decent profit margin.

In the early days of Etsy, the only way to conduct market research was with manual checks. You would literally have to enter keywords into Etsy search and then look at the shops and products from the results. However, this method takes a lot of time, and it is easy to make a mistake. And as we know, making a mistake on Etsy can cost you dearly in money, sales, and motivation. Ultimately, poor sales or low-profit margins can make us less likely to keep sharing our passion through Etsy shops.

Fortunately, there is a new way to conduct faster, more accurate market research. Toolsy features groundbreaking analytics and market research functions to help you turn your creativity into gold. That’s because you can quickly learn the most relevant trends along with your ideal keywords for SEO and competitive pricing data. I’ll share with you a hidden gem for finding Etsy Trends and bestselling products for each shop. Let’s look at this one step at a time. 

How to catch trends in POD

Currently, an important Etsy niche consists of printed-on-demand or POD products. As a major player in the POD business, at Awkward Styles, we are continuously updating our product offerings. As you may know, we’ve recently added new products to our categories. You can check out our new arrivals if you haven’t already!

For each potential new product, we do careful research into current trends. Certain products are more popular right now because of the season. For instance, holiday themes recur yearly, but you’ll mostly sell them at the right time of year. Trying to sell something for Christmas or Diwali in the middle of the summer is rarely successful, but beach themes or other motifs might sell quickly. 

Likewise, fashion and consumer tastes change regularly regardless of the season.  Having what people want at the right time boosts sales. But first, you need to know what people want. This way, you can beat the competition by providing the most in-demand designs on the coolest blank products.

There is no need to create a design for something out of trend. Let’s catch the trend waves. Let’s share some live examples with you. 

For example, let’s say that you want to include the keywords Snapback Cap or Sweatshirt. First, you need to search these keywords on Etsy to find listings with numerous reviews, like these:

Etsy listing of sweatshirt with print on the sleeves, bestselling etsy listing found by Toolsy

This listing has over 3,017 reviews in 2023 alone.

What’s so special about it? People love romantic gestures, and putting a heart on your sleeve–literally–is compelling. It’s no wonder that these sweatshirts sell so well! Plus, sweatshirts are wonderful ways to keep warm throughout the year.

Etsy listing of an embroidered dad cap, bestseller product on Etsy found by Toolsy

This listing attracted over 1,192 reviews in 2023. 

People love baseball caps for a lot of reasons. They protect you from the sun, deflect rain off of your face, and keep your hair from going everywhere. In addition, customized caps are a great way to show pride in something or make a statement. Add to that the top-quality stitching in this product, and the high number of views is well deserved.

We can find a lot of examples, but we are trying to find such listings and determine which listings are selling most in a particular shop.  

That’s where Toolsy can help. With a simple search, you can discover what types of design people want. You will also see what other sellers are offering, making it easier to identify opportunities. Then, you can easily create an awesome design that people want and isn’t so competitive that your products will get lost in a sea of rivals. 

Before long, the information you get from Toolsy will help your shop grow in both sales and profit. Just as importantly, you’ll work smarter, not harder. 

How to find best-selling products for each shop on Etsy

Of course, design trends are just the beginning. While many of us offer the same or a similar design on multiple product types, some are best suited for only certain items, like shirts or caps. In addition, some products have higher profit margins than others due to supply and demand or other factors.

So how can we, as Etsy sellers, ensure we have the best product types? One of the best ways is by seeing what our competitors sell the most of.

Toolsy Shop Search and the browser extension can help with this. You just need to type the Etsy shop name and click the most reviewed products. While not every customer will review their purchases, if one product is getting a lot of attention, then you know plenty of people have bought it. In addition, you will see the keywords that they used, both in the description and other parts of the listing.

Once you have found the best-selling products for one competitor on Etsy, you can repeat the process for each. After reviewing the results for multiple competitors, you should be able to see trends and opportunities. For example, you might find that a particular item is popular across multiple stores. If the item has a good profit margin, you can offer it in your shop as well.

With Toolsy, this kind of competitive analysis doesn’t need to be a one-time thing. That’s because you can bookmark and track your top competitors to see what they’re doing. It’s an entire section of Toolsy and one that every Etsy seller needs.

What are some best practices for SEO optimization in your Etsy shop?

On Etsy, SEO is very important. That’s true both for Etsy itself and for earning competitive Google search rankings for your keywords. Just like other e-commerce sites, Etsy has its own search engine. This algorithm decides what potential customers see when they search for specific keywords. Similarly, Google SEO helps bring outside traffic into your Etsy shop.

Fortunately, Toolsy makes it much easier to optimize your shop for SEO. That’s because you can closely examine what your competitors have done with their listings. This is valuable information because whatever they do seems effective, as their products sell well. Depending on what plan you choose, Toolsy lets you connect competitors to your account and keep a close eye on what they are doing. So, if the competitor gets a new best-selling product, you can find that out almost immediately.

Best of all, you will see the Listing and keyword-related factors that contribute to your competitor’s success. So, if a particular keyword is hot right now, it’ll be easier to see. Then, you will know what to add while optimizing your shop.

Of course, there may be other factors that Etsy competitors utilize, such as advertising, older shops or listings, and so on. These are harder to answer with SEO directly since organic search has less of an effect on success in these cases. However, as your shop expands and matures, some of these advantages may change.

How do you find long tail keywords with Toolsy Keyword Hunter?

Even the best SEO techniques fail if you use the wrong keywords. That’s because people won’t be looking in the right place to find your products or your shop. And because short keywords are often nonspecific and have too much competition, you generally won’t optimize for them. Most experts agree that long-tail keywords are the most effective for earning a high ranking on the SERPs, and Etsy is no exception.

Fortunately, Toolsy has some excellent features to help you find the best keywords. For example, Keyword Hunter can perform this task: let’s say you’ve searched for certain keywords. Toolsy will analyze the first 100 listings and filter the most frequently used keywords. Then, you’ll get a rank by relevance, including 1-phrase, 2-phrase, and 3-phrase keywords. This is the easiest way to find long-tail keywords on Etsy.

By repeating these steps with other relevant search terms, you can discover many relevant keywords. From there, you should pick the ones that best suit your products. Ideal selections may differ slightly based on variety, size, and other factors. Therefore, if you have variations of an item in the same listing, you may find it advantageous to include multiple options while optimizing each listing.

In other words, Toolsy is highly effective at providing you with the keywords you need to excel at SEO, both on and off the website. Whether your shop is new or well-established, this information is critical if you want your products to do their best. And ultimately, Keyword Hunter is the best way to maximize the impact of your product description text.

How can I monitor my listings after I optimize them?

After you add and optimize your listings, you can track the results with the Rank Checker. The Rank Checker will monitor keyword positions daily and inform you about any changes. This way, if your search rankings start to decline, you can figure out why. It could be that your competition is changing its optimization strategy to increase its own rankings at the expense of yours. Especially if you are in a competitive niche, this kind of change happens often.

If you have solid SEO techniques, rank changes are primarily a result of Etsy’s personalization features instead of something that you or your competition have changed. After all, Etsy wants to show the most relevant options for each consumer so they are more likely to buy something. However, monitoring the changes in your search rank is one of the best ways we have to stay ahead of the competition.

One way to determine if your Etsy listings require further optimization because of rank changes is by consulting the competitive analysis tools again. Doing this might show you that the competition has rewritten or revised certain product descriptions, making your original text less competitive. Or, you may discover new products on the market, and the other seller has done a better job of optimizing their descriptions.

Ultimately, the different variables in SEO and constantly changing competition are a big reason why even established sellers need to have Toolsy. Seeing what competitors are doing and why helps you stay one step ahead — and not fall behind. For newer sellers or those hoping to expand, the data not only helps you identify opportunities but maximize them.

Get Real-time Information With the Toolsy Browser Extension

So far, we’ve mostly talked about the core features of Toolsy that you view from a browser page. However, you’ll also get access to an extension you can download and use. It’s very effective and easy to use whenever inspiration strikes. Maybe you are surfing the web and see a product idea. A quick look at your browser extension will show you if there’s a market for the item and how much competition you might face.

Did the original idea make you think of something else? Toolsy can help you in this situation also, and you still won’t need to open your account page. The information you want will just pop up like it would with any other browser extension. From there, you can create or curate the right products to capture customer’s imagination. A compelling product line helps boost sales at almost any price point.

Best of all, you’ll have the advantage and can outperform your competition relatively easily. Toolsy’s extension has many more features and provides more details than its closest competitor. Using Toolsy automatically gives you the most information, fast. And you will be able to follow trends more rapidly. That’s why Toolsy is a must-have for Every Etsy seller who wants to start a shop quickly, increase sales, and boost profitability. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, patience, trend analysis, and competitor analysis are the keys to this job. We are sure about this because we have great POD sellers who improved their stores with time and Toolsy’s cutting-edge functions. Eventually, our star sellers built very strong businesses. 

Building a great business on Etsy is what makes your effort worthwhile. After all, sharing what you love with other people not only gives you joy but also a nice paycheck. And when you can best your competition with the right information at the right time, it’s even better. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have more free time without all the manual work!

What are you waiting for? Try Toolsy for free today. Use code awkwardstyles for 20% off!

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