What Materials Can DTF Transfers Print On?

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Key Points:

  • DTF Versatility: DTF printing offers flexibility by imprinting designs on textiles like cotton, polyester, and blends, as well as non-textile materials such as wood, metal, plastic, ceramics, and more.
  • Fabric Applications: DTF transfers on cotton, polyester, and blends provide vibrant and durable prints for apparel like t-shirts and sportswear, blending style with functionality seamlessly.
  • Non-Fabric Materials: DTF printing extends to wood, metal, plastic, ceramics, and more, allowing personalized designs on items ranging from home decor to accessories, with exceptional detail and durability.

DTF, or direct-to-film printing, has been making waves for a couple of years now, keeping print on demand pros and creative folks alike hooked with its incredible flexibility. And let’s talk about the range–DTF can imprint on more surfaces than you’d expect.

From the classic textiles that rock your wardrobe to those non-textile surprises, DTF has got a wild range. It’s like magic–this printing wizardry lets you put your designs on fabrics, leathers, woods, ceramics, and even more. Plain things suddenly get the VIP treatment as DTF breathes life into everyday materials, turning them into canvases that bear your distinctive stamp.

In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of DTF printing and unpack the countless possibilities it offers–from adding a personal touch to your apparel to giving your living space a unique flair. Whether you’re in the business of custom creations or just want to jazz up your surroundings, DTF’s versatility is here to spark your imagination. Let’s get started!

What Fabric Can DTF Transfers Be Applied To?

colorful blank tshirts on hangers, tshirts that DTF transfers can be applied to

Let’s start with the basics. Since most print on demand products are made with various fabrics, knowing the versatility of DTF printing is key. This printing marvel can work its magic on a range of materials, ensuring your designs come to life vibrantly and seamlessly. Now, let’s dive into the specifics of how DTF transfers fare on different fabrics:


Cotton is a beloved natural fabric known for its comfort and versatility. It is known to work best with DTG and screen printing, but DTF (direct-to-film) printing steps in to offer an alternative that also provides superb results. While cotton is known for its absorbent nature, DTF printing’s ink integration process overcomes this challenge. The ink becomes an integral part of the fabric, ensuring that your designs remain vivid and durable even on cotton. From t-shirts to hoodies and more, DTF transfers on cotton deliver soft, eye-catching prints that retain their vibrancy over time. Whether you’re going for a vintage look or a contemporary design, DTF printing on cotton brings your ideas to life with impressive precision and longevity.


Polyester is a synthetic fabric cherished for its moisture-wicking properties and durability. When it comes to DTF (direct-to-film) printing on polyester, the results are remarkable. Unlike traditional methods, DTF’s ink integration process ensures that your designs not only stay vibrant but also become an inherent part of the fabric. This means your prints won’t crack, peel, or fade with time or repeated washes. From sportswear to activewear, DTF transfers on polyester offer a blend of style and functionality, allowing your designs to shine through intense workouts and everyday adventures.


It can be tricky to choose a printing method for blended fabrics, depending on the overall composition of the blend. DTF (direct-to-film) printing, however, can make the decision-making process smoother by offering an adaptable solution that caters to a wide range of fabric combinations. Because it works great with both natural and synthetic fibers, DTF gives you the freedom to explore various fabric blends while maintaining the quality and integrity of your designs.

When dealing with blended fabrics that incorporate a substantial amount of natural fibers like cotton, DTF printing can truly shine. This makes DTF an excellent choice for blends that emphasize comfort and breathability while still demanding eye-catching visuals.

For blends that lean towards synthetic fibers, such as polyester, DTF remains a strong contender. Its ability to create vibrant and durable prints aligns perfectly with the demands of modern synthetic blends. Whether it’s sportswear or everyday apparel, DTF printing ensures that your designs not only look impressive but also stand up to the rigors of wear and washing.


Denim exudes timeless style and durability. DTF (direct-to-film) printing on denim takes advantage of the fabric’s rugged texture to create visually captivating designs. DTF transfers on denim result in prints that not only stand out but also blend seamlessly with the fabric. The ink integration process ensures that your designs remain intact, adding an artistic touch to this classic fabric. From jeans to jackets, DTF printing on denim brings your designs to life in a way that complements denim’s enduring appeal.

What Non-Fabric Material Can DTF Transfers Be Applied To?

blank framed canvas on top of a white table in front of a white background and next to a white vase with a plant inside

Want to diversify your online store’s product offerings? DTF lets you do that without having to change up your entire production process or looking for a different provider. Here are just some non-fabric materials DTF transfers can be applied to:


Embrace the rustic charm of wood by applying DTF transfers to wooden surfaces. From personalized signs and home decor items to coasters and wooden frames, DTF printing can turn plain wood into distinctive pieces that bear your designs. Capture the grain and texture of wood while infusing it with your creative flair, creating finished products that exude warmth and individuality.


That’s right! You can use DTF transfers on metals too. Metal prints, keychains, and customized accessories can all benefit from DTF’s ink integration process. Transform metal into art by imprinting your designs with stunning detail and vibrancy, creating products that are both visually striking and durable!


From phone cases to plastic bottles, DTF printing lets you add intricate and captivating designs to everyday plastic items. Create personalized phone cases that stand out or offer customized plastic drinkware that captures attention. DTF’s seamless integration ensures that your designs remain intact on plastic surfaces, providing a versatile solution for custom plastic products.

Ceramics & Pottery

Elevate ceramics and pottery to an entirely new level with DTF printing. Mugs, plates, and decorative ceramics can all bear your unique designs, infusing these items with personal charm. Whether you’re crafting functional pieces or decorative art, DTF is your best bet if you want to embellish these products with your very own designs. 


Acrylic products dazzle with DTF prints. Personalized acrylic awards, trophies, and decorative items benefit from DTF’s precise and vibrant prints. This is why acrylic is an ideal canvas for DTF transfers—it offers a clear and smooth surface that allows the ink to adhere seamlessly. The result? Captivating designs with exceptional clarity and detail that make your acrylic products stand out.

Paper and Cardboard

Even paper and cardboard products can get a DTF transformation. Greeting cards, invitations, and packaging materials can feature intricate designs that make a lasting impact. 


DTF transfers add a touch of sophistication to leather goods. From wallets and bags to belts and accessories, DTF printing seamlessly embeds your designs onto leather surfaces. The result is products that merge functionality with personalization, offering enduring prints that age gracefully with the material.


Canvas products radiate artistic brilliance with DTF printing. Personalized canvas prints, wall art, and tote bags can showcase your designs in exceptional detail. DTF’s ink integration enhances the texture of the canvas, resulting in products that combine creativity and durability.


Turn stone into personalized masterpieces with DTF transfers. Custom stone coasters, plaques, and decorative items can all benefit from DTF’s ability to merge designs seamlessly with the material’s surface. However, stones with smoother textures tend to yield better results.

When choosing stones for DTF transfers, consider those with a polished or smooth finish. The smoother the surface, the more effectively the ink can integrate, resulting in designs that showcase intricate detail and vibrant colors. Stone coasters and plaques, in particular, can serve as unique canvases for your creative expressions, from personalized messages to intricate artwork.

Just A Few Things To Note…

DTF is undoubtedly one of the most versatile printing methods available today. However, it’s important to note that the effective application of DTF transfers onto fabric and non-fabric materials can hinge on variables like surface texture, porosity, and compatibility with the DTF process. Ensuring adhesion and durability relies on proper surface preparation and the selection of suitable DTF transfer film and ink formulations.

When To Not Use DTF Transfers

While DTF printing offers impressive flexibility, there are situations where it might not be the optimal choice for your project. One key consideration is when dealing with materials that are highly heat-sensitive. DTF involves the application of heat during the transfer process, and certain delicate materials might not withstand the required temperature. In such cases, it’s advisable to explore alternative methods that do not involve extensive heat exposure.

Furthermore, if your design calls for intricate gradients or photographic prints, other techniques like dye-sublimation or DTG printing might offer more precise results. DTF’s exceptional qualities shine brightest with bold and solid designs, making it an excellent choice for vivid graphics, text, and artwork. However, when your design requires subtle shading and intricate color transitions, exploring other printing methods might give you better outcomes.

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Start Creating and Selling Now!

production team printing on apparel

That’s a wrap! We hope this blog has helped you figure out which products should go into your next collection and inspired you to take the plunge into DTF transfer printing. Now that you know the diverse range of materials you can work with, it’s time to start creating and selling your unique products. Whether it’s apparel, home decor, or accessories, DTF printing offers a world of customization possibilities that can set your creations apart. 

Don’t wait any longer–turn your ideas into reality and share your artistic vision with the world. Awkward Styles is here to support you on your creative journey, so get ready to see your designs come to life and leave a lasting impact on your audience. Let the printing begin!

For more print on demand and ecommerce tips and tricks, check out our blog!

FAQs About Materials That DTF Transfers Can Be Printed On

Don’t have the time to read the whole blog above? Here’s our tl;dr of all the FAQs:

What materials can you put DTF transfers on?

DTF transfers offer versatility across a wide range of materials, spanning fabric(cotton,polyester, denim), wood, metal, plastic, acrylic, paper, cardboard, leather, canvas, and stone. This provides the opportunity to infuse your unique designs onto diverse surfaces for creative expression.

Can you put DTF prints on wood?

Certainly. Because the printing method involves transferring the design directly onto the material’s surface, DTF is a perfect fit for wood. This allows for the seamless integration of your designs with the natural texture and grain of wood, creating personalized pieces that stand out. Whether it’s custom signs, home decor items, coasters, or even wooden frames, DTF printing brings out the intricate details of your designs on wood, resulting in finished products that exude warmth and individuality. The process captures the essence of the material, making DTF prints on wood a captivating and artistic choice for various applications!

Can DTF transfers be used on metal?

Yes, DTF is suitable for metals, offering the chance to create metal prints, keychains, and customized accessories. The process imparts stunning detail and vibrancy, transforming metal into visually striking and durable art pieces.

Can you put DTF transfers on plastic?

DTF’s adaptability extends to plastic materials, enabling customization of items like phone cases and plastic bottles. This method ensures vibrant designs with lasting quality, enhancing plastic products with your unique touch.

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