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Gone are the days when blue was for boys and pink was for girls. In today’s society, people are more free to express themselves however they want, and that includes their clothing choices. This is where genderless fashion comes in.

Genderless fashion is about breaking the mold and not adhering to traditional gender norms when it comes to clothing. It’s about wearing what you want, regardless of whether it’s “for” men or “for” women. And whether you own a small online clothing store or a brick-and-mortar boutique, catering to this growing trend will not only satisfy your customers but also make your business a game changer.

Hence, in this article, we’ll show you how the genderless clothing niche can benefit your business and provide some tips to get you started!

What’s the Big Deal About Genderless Fashion?

According to Fashinza, gender neutral apparel is one of the “hot-selling niches” in today’s fashion industry. And it’s not hard to see why.

For starters, the genderless fashion trend is in line with the current social climate. More and more people are championing for gender equality, and this is reflected in the way they dress. In fact, according to Rob Smith, the founder of the Phluid Project, 56% of Gen Z shoppers in 2019 defied the gender binary in their shopping choices. This shows that the younger generations care more about the style and expressing their individuality than the labels and norms that come with traditional gendered clothing.

What’s more, genderless fashion is also practical. Imagine being able to shop for your entire family in one place! No more going to separate stores for mom, dad, and the kids. This convenience is something that appeals to a lot of shoppers, especially busy parents.

Why Should Your Brand Go Genderless?

Alright, so genderless fashion is popular and practical. But what does that mean for your business? Well, below are just some of the reasons why you should consider going genderless with your clothing line!

It’s More Than Just a Trend

While genderless clothing may look like just another passing trend, it’s actually much more than that. As we mentioned earlier, the rise of genderless fashion is a reflection of the current social climate. And as society becomes more accepting of diverse genders and fluidity, the demand for genderless clothing will only continue to grow.

This means that if you cater to the genderless fashion trend now, your business will be ahead of the curve and in a better position to weather any future changes.

It’s More Inclusive

Of course, since genderless fashion is all about breaking down gender norms, it’s also much more inclusive than traditional fashion. By offering gender neutral items and making your marketing strategies more diverse, you provide a safe and welcoming space for people of all genders to shop. This, in turn, will not only attract more customers but also build a loyal customer base that appreciates your inclusivity.

There’s No Limit to Your Design Creativity

When you go genderless, the sky’s the limit! You can experiment with different cuts, colors, and styles without having to worry about whether it’s “too masculine” or “too feminine.” As a result, you can really let your creativity shine through in your designs.

It’s Sustainable

Selling gender neutral clothes can also be a more sustainable option for your business. This is because genderless apparel tends to be more versatile and last longer. For instance, a unisex jacket can be worn by anyone, regardless of their gender identity, and can be styled in many different ways. This means that your customers are more likely to keep and wear genderless clothing for a longer period of time, as opposed to traditional gendered clothing which may only be worn for a specific season.

Moreover, since you get to target a wider range of customers with a single collection, you won’t have to produce as many new pieces and designs each season. This helps reduce waste and is better for the environment.

You Can Stand Out From the Competition

While the trend is currently on the rise, genderless fashion is still relatively new in the industry. This means that there’s a lot of room for growth and development. Thus, if you enter the market now, you’ll have a chance to really make your mark and stand out from the competition.

It Sells

Any business owner knows that, at the end of the day, what really matters is whether or not your product sells. And genderless clothing definitely does! In fact, the global market for unisex clothing is projected to cross $3.2 billion by 2030.

Furthermore, a survey of McKinsey & Company reveals that 48% of Gen Z consumers appreciate brands that refrain from classifying products as “male” or “female.” Thus, if you plan to target the younger generations with your clothing line, going genderless is definitely the way to go.

Some Gender Neutral Brands That Are Killing It

Enticing, right? Now, before you jump on the trend and start designing your own genderless clothing line, it’s important to do your research and study the market. This is to ensure that you don’t sacrifice your brand’s identity and message in the process.

To help get you started, here are some of the clothing brands that are currently leading the way in genderless fashion:

Lonely Kids Club

Known for their fun, silly, and relatable designs, the Lonely Kids Club is an Australian-based brand that sells a range of genderless clothing and accessories. All of their products are designed in-house and produced ethically, making them a great choice for eco-conscious and socially-responsible consumers.


Another great genderless clothing brand is One DNA, which is based in the United States. One DNA specializes in streetwear and offers a range of stylish and comfortable gender neutral clothing, including hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. They also offer tote bags and statement shirts that aim to empower people of different body types.


While H&M isn’t an exclusively genderless brand, they have been making strides in recent years to become more inclusive. Through their gender neutral pieces and collections as well as their diverse advertising campaigns, H&M is slowly but surely breaking down the barriers of traditional fashion.

Designing and Selling Your Own Gender Neutral Clothing

Now, it’s time to make your own mark and be one of the game changers. If you want to design and sell your own genderless clothing, here are some tips to get you started:

Start With a Small Capsule Collection

One of the best things about genderless fashion is that it’s practical and versatile. This means that you don’t need a lot of different pieces to create a great collection. To start, we recommend designing a small capsule collection. This should include a mix of basics, such as t-shirts and bottoms, as well as some accessories like tote bags that can help round out the looks.

The goal is to create a cohesive collection that can be worn in a variety of ways. This way, your customers will be able to mix and match different pieces to create their own unique looks.

Go For Unisex Shirts

Aside from the designs that you’ll be printing or using on your shirts, it’s important to consider the style of the shirts themselves. And when it comes to genderless fashion, you can never go wrong with unisex shirts. The cut and fit of unisex shirts are flattering on everyone, making them the perfect choice for your genderless line.

Offer a Wide Range of Sizes

Being inclusive is not only limited to offering genderless clothing. It’s also about offering a wide range of sizes to ensure that everyone can find something that fits them perfectly. So, when designing your genderless clothing line, make sure to offer a wide variety of sizes. This way, you can cater to different body types and help everyone feel included and represented.

This can be much easier when you work with a print-on-demand partner that offers a wide range of size options–just like Awkward Styles. That way, you won’t have to worry about stocking different sizes in your inventory.

Make a Statement

Whether it’s through big, eye-catching printed designs or powerful words, it would be great to create clothing that makes a statement. And with genderless fashion, you have the perfect opportunity to do just that. Use your clothing as a way to send a message and start a conversation. Not only will this help you stand out from the crowd, but it can also attract like-minded individuals to your brand and empower them to be their true selves.

Diversify Your Advertising

What’s the point of having a genderless clothing line if you’re only going to advertise it to one group of people? When marketing your brand, make sure to diversify your advertising. This means creating campaigns that feature models of different genders, races, and body types, and using inclusive language that everyone can relate to.

This will show your customers that you’re truly committed to inclusivity and that everyone is welcome in your brand. And as a result, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience and make a bigger impact.

Here’s To a More Inclusive Tomorrow!

With all the established norms when it comes to fashion and gender, it may seem difficult to step out of the box and create something new. But that’s exactly what genderless fashion is all about.

It’s about breaking the rules, being inclusive, and celebrating individuality. Hence, if you and your brand stand for these values, making gender neutral clothing as your niche will not only be profitable, but it will also be fulfilling.

So go ahead and start designing your very own genderless clothing line and make ripple effects of positivity and inclusivity in the fashion industry!

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