Order Desk Integration
for Your Print-on-Demand Store

Streamline your store's order fulfillment process by integrating with Order Desk for automated order sending to our printing facilities. Boost your online sales with our simplified solutions.

Order Desk Integration

How To Connect To Order Desk?

Order Desk Steps
Step 1

Sign up to create an Awkward Styles account, if you have not already.

Step 2

If you do not already have one, create an Order Desk Account.

Step 3

Login to your Order Desk Account.

Step 4

Access the Manage Integrations section by clicking on the Integrations menu in the left sidebar.

Step 5

Navigate to the Print on Demand tab and locate Awkward Styles.

Step 6

Enable the integration by selecting Awkward Styles.

Step 7

Copy the provided webhook URL and share it with Awkward Styles. Note that you can access this URL even after the integration is connected.

Step 8

Enter your Awkward Styles username and password to establish the connection.

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Customizing Awkward Styles integration to Order Desk

  • After Import, Move To

    Choose the destination folder for orders after successful submission to Awkward Styles. Opt for a default folder or create a custom one that suits your needs.

  • After Shipment, Move To

    Once Awkward Styles sends back fulfillment and tracking details, the designated folder specified here is where orders will be automatically moved to.

  • Default Mail Class

    Customize shipping preferences in Shipping Class Match. Non-matching orders use the selected method. Adapt to Awkward Styles' method or set per order.

  • Shipment Webhook URL

    The Shipment Webhook URL is vital for Awkward Styles to share order shipment info with Order Desk. Set it up to seamlessly retrieve tracking details for sent orders.

  • Product Settings

    The product code match box lets you send an item to multiple printers in print on demand integrations. Use the product code skip feature to exclude specific SKUs.

  • Shipping Class Match

    Match your shipping method names to ours in the shipping class match section for precise shipping preferences. Otherwise, we'll use the default mail class for all orders..

Harvesting The Benefits

What is Order Desk?

What is Order Desk

What is Order Desk?

Order Desk is scalable hosted order management system that streamlines integration between your store's workflow and various third-party providers.

  • Split Fulfillment & Stock Updates
  • SKU Reports & Insights
  • Real-time Dashboard Analytics
  • Customizable Workflow & Templates
  • Seamless Integrations & Label Printing
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Why Use Order Desk?

Automate business operations with Order Desk, expanding sales channels and organizing orders from multiple marketplaces effortlessly..

  • Include custom item details for accurate order processing and customer satisfaction.
  • Split orders efficiently for timely delivery of complex orders.
  • Personalize workflow organization with custom folders for easy tracking.
  • Export CSV reports in preferred formats for informed decision-making.
  • Control user permissions for data security and efficient collaboration.
  • Access technical guides for learning and support..
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Why Use Order Desk?

Why Use Order Desk

Why You Should Prefer To Integrate
Awkward Styles with Order Desk?

Awkward Styles handles the orders reliably, sending tracking information back to Order Desk,
and completing the process in the original shopping cart.


Automatic addition of artwork files and Awkward Styles product SKUs to items.

No Minimums

Ability to take action on orders that fail to submit to Awkward Styles.

User friendly

Automation to specify orders sent to Awkward Styles.


Seamless matching of SKUs between the shopping cart and Awkward Styles.


Flexible shipping methods, matching those used by Awkward Styles.

Frequently asked questions about Order Desk Integration!

Need answers to your Order Desk Integration Questions?
We've got the answers!

Order Desk is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create an online shop. The e-commerce features provided by Order Desk allows you to present your products and designs for sale and customize your online store according to your preferences.

While Order Desk is a free WordPress plugin, you may still have to pay extra fees to get started. The Order Desk services that may require extra fees include domain name, hosting, SSL certificate, some premium themes and designs, and extra plugins that assist in store management.

Order Desk is beginner-friendly, allowing users with no prior experience or coding knowledge to easily set up an online store.

No coding required. Order Desk Block Themes let you completely customize every part of your online store. Create exactly the shopping experience you want without touching a line of code.