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Design exclusive and top-quality hoodies for your online store, or embrace the joy of owning custom hoodies that are tailored to your preferences. Awkward Styles' POD hoodies turn your dreams into reality.


Why You Should Order Print-on-Demand Custom Hoodies
From Awkward Styles.

easy to use

Easy To Use

You can add and sell custom hoodies to your store instantly with Awkward Styles integration.

easy to design

Easy To Design

You can quickly design high-quality custom hoodies with our free design tool.

risk free


You pay only for the custom hoodies you sell, no upfront costs or inventory keeping needed for your orders.


24/7 customer support

You will get around the clock customer support for your custom hoodie printing needs.

Superior Quality

Superior Quality

You will impress your customers with top-notch materials and printing technology.

No Minimum

No Minimum Order Limit

We require no minimums for custom hoodie printing.

Global Shipping

Global Shipping

We ship custom hoodies worldwide.

Our Custom Hoodie Brands


Pullover Hoodies

Custom pullover hoodies offer a classic and timeless style that can be personalized to suit any occasion. With endless design possibilities, you can create a unique pullover hoodie that stands out from the crowd and and keeps your customers cozy in any season.

Cropped Hoodies

Custom cropped hoodies offer a trendy and stylish twist to traditional hoodie designs. You can create a unique and fashionable cropped hoodie that perfectly matches your customers’ individual styles by personalizing the design and the size.

Full Zipped Hoodies

Custom full-zipped hoodies provide versatility and convenience with their functional design. Whether they prefer a sleek and minimalist look or want to showcase a bold and vibrant design, customizing a full-zipped hoodie allows your customers to effortlessly combine fashion and practicality

Kid's Custom Hoodies

You can add a touch of cheer and individuality to children's wardrobes with Custom kids' hoodies. Please explore the range of colors, sizes, and styles for kids' custom hoodies available at Awkward Styles which are ready for your unique designs.

How To Design Your Custom Hoodies

Choose A Hoodie To Design

Begin your journey of creating custom products by exploring our vast catalog of hoodie.


Create Mockups

Utilize our FREE Mockup Generator to craft stunning mockups for your amazing custom hoodie designs.


Upload Your Custom Hoodie To Your Stores

Upload unlimited product listings to your online store without the hassle of managing inventory using Awkward Styles' integration.

You Sell and We Fulfill

Upon your customer's order placement, we promptly handle the printing, packing, and direct shipping to your customer under your brand.

Start Designing Now

Sell Your Custom Hoodies on Integrated E-Commerce Platforms.



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Order Desk

Order Desk

A dynamic order management app that streamlines and improves your e-commerce operations.

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Frequently asked questions about Print on Demand Hoodies!

Need answers to your Print on Demand Hoodies Questions?
We've got the answers!

Our custom hoodies are expertly tailored from the finest fabrics such as ringspun cotton, preshrunk cotton, and cotton/polyester blends. For comprehensive insights into the materials employed in each product, please consult the respective product pages.

Our hoodie printing utilizes DTG (direct to garment) technology, renowned for its speed, eco-friendliness, and ability to deliver precise, vibrant prints featuring intricate details and a diverse color palette. Through ink spraying and absorption into the garment's fibers, the DTG process ensures exceptional outcomes. We have achieved remarkable results on organic materials like cotton and canvas, as well as certain polyester blends we use with our hoodies.

You can choose any of our different hoodie styles while applying your designs. Simply use our Mockup Generator after selecting which kind of hoodie you prefer to apply your design. /products/hoodies

In general you should wash your hoodies cold water, max 30 C or 86F, use non-chlorine bleach only when it is necessary, avoid ironing and dry cleaning your hoodies to ensure longevity. When using dryers, A: you should make sure to select the options for tumble dry low. You can find product specific care instructions in their respective product pages, under the tab: Care instructions.

Yes, POD hoodies have some color restrictions when using DTG (direct-to-garment) printing.

  • Hoodies with dark color can be difficult to print on. The dark color of the fabric can absorb the ink, making it difficult to achieve a bright and vibrant print. If you are printing on a dark hoodie, it is important to use a white underbase to help the colors show up.
  • Some colors may not be compatible with certain fabrics. Some fabrics, such as 100% cotton, may not be compatible with certain colors. It is important to check the fabric details for compatible colors. Please contact our customer service to learn more about which colors provide the best results when printing on certain fabrics using DTG printing.

When shopping with Awkward Styles, you have the flexibility to buy without constraints on the quantity, enabling you to order as much or as little as you prefer.

Yes. You can start designing custom hoodies by tapping into our vast Awkward Styles Design Library, housing a diverse collection of over 15,000 art files. We continually add fresh designs from the talented artists within our thriving Awkward Styles Artist Community.

You can start by creating a free Awkward Styles account. In the dashboard of your account, under Product Templates, you can choose the hoodie that aligns with your vision and employ our user-friendly Mockup Generator to effortlessly upload your design by incorporating multiple layers of text and backgrounds.

Our hoodies are delivered to destinations worldwide. Approximately 95% of our orders are fulfilled from our state-of-the-art facility in Southern California. Delivery times may vary based on the carrier and destination. For additional information on our shipping services, please click here.

You can anticipate the arrival of US orders within 2-5 business days, while international orders typically require 8-14 business days for delivery, depending on the selected shipping method.

Timeliness is one of our primary goals when it comes to delivering the orders we receive. Our production time for hoodies is set at 1-3 business days, allowing us to efficiently prepare and dispatch your order.

If you receive a product that is misprinted, damaged, defective, or in the wrong size, we kindly ask you to submit a claim within four (4) weeks from the date of product delivery.