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Absolutely! At Awkward Styles, we understand the importance of ensuring your satisfaction. You can request a sample of our print on demand stationery items before placing a large order. By placing a manual order for your sample, you can evaluate the design and paper quality, and print firsthand. Check this link to learn how to place a manual order.

Our stationery products are designed to cater to individuals of all ages, including kids and students. The beauty of our offerings lies in their versatility. Our diverse range allows anyone, regardless of age, to unleash their creativity and design stationery according to their wishes.

While we don't offer gift wrapping and special packaging at the moment, our team ensures that each stationery item is carefully packaged to guarantee its safe arrival at your doorstep. Your satisfaction and the integrity of our products are our utmost priority.

Our print on demand stationery products are meticulously crafted to seamlessly transition between professional and personal settings. Whether you're looking for elegant stationery for corporate correspondence or creative designs for personal use, Awkward Styles has a diverse range to suit every occasion. Our products are crafted with high-quality materials to ensure a professional look and a delightful experience for personal use.

Stay tuned! We have exciting plans to expand our stationery collection. In the near future, we'll be introducing flat and folded note cards, business cards, flyers, and mouse pads to our lineup.

Our custom notebooks and planners feature high-quality 60 lb. text-smooth paper that is suitable for various writing instruments, ensuring an enjoyable writing experience.

Certainly! We offer customization options that allow you to create stationery items tailored to special events, adding a personal touch to your celebrations.

Our stationery products are designed to work well with a variety of writing instruments, including pens, pencils, markers, and more, providing a smooth and comfortable writing experience.