Digital Screen-Printed Heat Transfers

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A digital screen print heat transfer is a type of heat transfer method that combines digital printing technology with screen printing techniques. In this process, digital printing is used to create highly detailed and full-color designs.

Digital screen print heat transfers are commonly used in the apparel industry for creating custom and personalized garments. This method allows for the reproduction of intricate and vibrant designs with a high level of detail. The combination of digital printing and screen printing technologies ensures both accuracy in design reproduction and durability in the final transfer.

The most notable difference is that our digital screen printed transfers are printed using CMYK inks, allowing for unlimited colors to be used in your designs. On the other hand, our standard screen-printed transfers are more limited in terms of colors that we can print on a design.

No, they’re not. Digital screen-printed transfers are made by combining traditional screen-printing materials and laser printing technology. On the other hand, Direct-to-film printing is done by printing the design directly onto the film.

Digital screen print heat transfers are versatile and work well on various fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blends. It's essential to choose the appropriate transfer type based on the fabric composition.

Yes, our digital screen print heat transfers are ideal for small and intricate designs, thanks to the precision offered by digital printing technology.

Our digital screen print transfers can provide a soft and smooth feel on garments, especially when compared to some other printing methods.

Our digital screen print heat transfers can accommodate a wide range of colors, allowing for full-color and detailed designs without a specific color limit.

With proper care, digital screen print heat transfers can have good durability. Following recommended washing and care instructions helps maintain the quality of the print over time.