Leslie Cole

Leslie Cole

Founder of Evolshen Freelancing

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Leslie is a full-time freelancer and content creator with over 10 years of social media marketing and management experience. She got into Print on Demand because of a TikTok video in 2019 and consistently brings in $2K-$4K+ per month completely passive through her POD Etsy store. Now she teaches women across the nation how to make a profitable online business from the comfort of their homes.

32 m
5 lessons

What you’ll learn

  • Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Selling on Etsy
4 Reviews


The Profitable POD Social Media Formula
5 Videos (32m)

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“Leslie was awesome to work with! She was able to take my general ideas I had in starting an online business and give me an exact detailed plan and organized steps to take to get my business off the ground. Very organized and detail oriented, I would highly recommend her services!”
Bailey E.

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