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I absolutely love business and creating different opportunities online. I got a thrill from selling that started in High School and continued after. My first major business was a Print on Demand business, I absolutely loved it, the creativity, the selling, the marketing, all of it! It was just so much fun. I then moved on to various different businesses, like photography, graphic design, dropshipping, and most notably, Amazon FBA. My longest and most enjoyable business has been YouTube, creating videos has been a passion for me and being able to help so many people start their own online businesses is a dream job for me. Since starting my YouTube channel, I've slowly gotten back into the print-on-demand world, and although it's a lot harder now, the core concepts of designing and marketing are still there and are still highly enjoyable for me. My aim for this course was to make it cheap enough so that as many people could get it without needing a huge investment just to learn. This class isn't vital nor does it guarantee success, what you can insure is you'll get a basic step-by-step series of videos, and closer access to getting more personalised advice from me.

28m 22s
5 Lessons

What you’ll learn

  • Researching winning niches
  • Formula for creating winning designs
  • Marketing your designs
  • Building keyword lists
  • Mistakes to avoid
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The Print on Demand Starter Series

Join Shimmy Morris as he shows you his proven strategies and tactics that have helped him build a multiple six-figure business. Stick around to learn what works, and which mistakes to avoid!

5 Videos (28m 22s)

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In this Course:

“Wow this course really blew my mind! The production quality, how the clarity of the infos that Shimmy gave us, n the almost perfect length of the course. I'm surprised that this course doesn't get as many views yet because this course really feels like its a Skillshare exclusive course. I actually knew Shimmy from Youtube n I happened to have a Skillshare account so I went through the course. Shimmy could have easily sold this course for at least $199 just bcs of the crazy amount of infos on POD n the production quality of it but thankfully he was kind enough to put this course on Skillshare. Wish me luck if you see this Shimmy! ”
Based R.
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